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why haven’t i been blogging?

shit hasn’t been going well so i’ll do my best to explain.  the past few months have been hell and as it’s looking right now, this business is going to flop.  we finally got rid of the stupid fucking moron that was dragging us down by not performing his duties and we found someone who was really good to replace him.  the bigger problem now is that the company we partnered up with who is supposed to be handling all of the backend work appears to have no prior knowledge or experience in doing so, even though they gave the impression they’ve been doing it for a long time.

naturally one would think, “we’ll if they can’t do it, find someone else,” and that’s what we’ve been trying to do for the last month.  the problem is that this is such a new concept that there is no one out there capable of doing it.  we found 1 guy that can, but the commissions he pays are so low that it just isnt a viable business if we refer to him, so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

as it stands, we are pulling the plug at the end of this month and over 100k of commissions are going down the toliet.  this is one of those things that there is a huge market for and the concept makes perfect sense; but no one has broken through yet.  once someone does, the flood gates will open in terms of earnings and profitability but who knows when that will be.

i was forced to take a job because my original work from home employement laid me off.  my new employement is business to business sales for commercial collections and i fucking hate it with a passion.  not to mention that the money is absolutely fucking horrible.  i barely make enough to cover my monthly living expenses so i’m unable to get “ahead” working there.  the last several months i’ve just been existing and wondering why every business i start ultimately seems to fail.  it just keeps happening over and over again and i don’t know how much more of this shit i can take.

goals haven’t been updated because i have no fucking clue what i’m going to do that this point.  its hard to have goals when your life is in limbo as mine has been the last couple of months.  once we officially pull the plug i’m going to have to see what else i can do as a side business to try and earn a living because my current employement isnt going to cut it.

its incredible that when i started this blog i thought i would posting about my success and how i achieved it, and this would all happen shortly after it’s inception.  Instead what i’ve really got is a 2 year journal of my repeated failures and ongoing depression as a result.

i really dont know what the fuck i’m going to do.


So it’s all coming together…

My home office is starting to look nice!  I received my new computer from Dell yesterday and set this bad boy up.  The thing is a beast and I’m glad I bought it.  Since it’s financed I can buy myself some time until our business starts generating some income which is nice.  I also rearranged my desk so now I have two separate work stations verses 1 big one.  I like this setup much more because it opens up my room, gives me a lot more space and it keeps my current employer separate from my own company.

Here’s a picture of my old setup, complete with lazy cat and all!

As you can see it’s cluttered with shit but that’s because I actually work my ass off and am quite busy throughout the day.  The desk isn’t just there to look pretty, I spend my entire day sitting right there.  Anyways, I broke down that desk into two smaller desks and placed them at opposite ends of my room so I have two separate work stations now.

I also upgraded my internet connection to the fastest speed that’s currently available and that should be up and running on Monday.  We are still waiting on a few final things from our business partner and we should be ready to start selling.  I’m fired up and ready to close that first deal; then from there, the sky’s the limit!

Things have been getting pretty bad with my current employer anyways so its perfect timing that we break free.  I just hope I can continue earning a living with them until the new gig takes off.  It’s been extremely slow and leads are practically nonexistent.  Also, management just doesn’t seem to give a fuck anymore.  The customer service is a damn joke and nothing gets done.  I’m fed up dealing with their bullshit and am just trying to close deals so I get paid.  As of right now I’m on pace for 10-12 deals this month.  It would be nice if I hit 12 because I would qualify for bonus and that’s another $1,000.00 in my pocket but since leads have been so slow I don’t know where these deals will come from.  We’ll see what happens next week.

Right now its saturday night and I’m sitting here typing next to my open screen door.  Enjoying a nice breeze and thinking about how much better my life will become when my business takes off.  I’m so fucking confident it’s not even funny.

So tomorrow I’m just going to relax and watch football.  I’ll go to the gym earlier in the morning and take it easy the rest of the day.  It would be nice if we could start next week but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Right now it’s looking like November 1st will be our official launch date.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Sunday night, lets write! Whitney Houston, Redbox videos, Crack Cocain

Well things are progressing nicely midway through the month so I have no complaints.  It’s looking like I’ll hit goal again with my current employer, which is good because it will keep my job secure, and we have 1 more meeting scheduled before we will start selling under our own business.  Even if I don’t hit goal, I’m sure I’ll be close enough to it, that my employer won’t throw me under the chopping block again.  I really proved a lot to them last month and definitely bought myself some credibility.  The key thing to keep in mind is that I need to be able to quit when I’m ready and not a second sooner.  I don’t want to quit and just be wondering when the cash will start to flow again.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% confident in this business venture we are launching.  However, I know from experience that things never take off as quickly as you expect them to, so it’s best to play it safe until we start closing deals.

I’m also doing a good job of staying on budget and refraining from going out and wasting money, although I must admit it’s getting harder and harder.  Now that I have some cash saved, it’s easier for me to go out for a drink or two because I can afford it.  Another problem is that I’m cooped up in my apartment all day and just itching to get out of here once my work day is done so it’s hard to just remind myself; “not yet, your time will come,” and stay at home with a red box movie.  I’m addicted to red box like Whitney Houston is addicted to crack.

I still don’t have enough saved yet, and to be honest, I don’t know if I ever will.  I would like a minimum of 6-12 months worth of expenses saved before I 100% throw in the towel with my current employer, so we shall see.

I do have a large purchase that I have to make and I’m not to thrilled about it.  I need a new computer for this new gig and I do want something that’s top of the line.  I’m not going to waste my money on another computer that will be obsolete in a year or two like this one, so if I buy one I’m going to go all out.  The problem is that this obviously costs money, and although I can afford it, that money is better off being saved incase something happens with my current job.

I honestly don’t have much of a choice though.  All of our phones go through our internet connection with work and my current job already has 1 phone stealing bandwidth.  Add another phone to that along with all of the software I’m going to need and there is no way this computer can handle the load.  I’m going to see about financing it and buying myself some time that way.  I just need time right now.

Aside from all that, not much else going on.  Final “pre-launch” meeting is on Tuesday so I’m fired up!  This week we have to get some things sorted out with our marketing so we can hit the ground running when we are ready to sell.  I’m excited and looking forward to making millions.  Its been my obsession/goal for the better part of the last 6 years so I’m ready!

Well today is slow at work so…

Might as well blog!

The month is about to be wrapped up and things went well.  I’m not sure how many deals I’m going to officially finish with but I do know that it’s a hell of a lot more than my employer was expecting.  When talking to my business partner he told me; “they would have been happy if you closed a couple of deals your first month, let alone 10.”  Well, I’m not at 10, but am pretty damn close.

Next month will be my break out month and the goal is 16-20 minimum.  I know I’m capable of this and am looking forward to completely blowing them away and turning some heads.  They were apprehensive about hiring me in the beginning because I am the youngest sales guy they’ve ever hired.  Originally they only hired older sales guys because they didn’t think a younger guy could handle the job.  Well I’m proving them wrong.  🙂

So the plan is to have a kick ass month along with my business partner.  If we can bring in 30+ deals between the two of us, we are then planning on scheduling a sitdown with the principles in the company the month after to “talk business.”  Ideally we want to do our own thing, but we also have some options we can present to them.  Ultimately, they all will require an increase in commission.

If they go for it, then the big bucks will come, however it depends on which option they select that will seal our fate.  If they say; “go fuck yourselves,” then I’ll continue to work for them and half ass it while I look for the next big thing on the side.  I really don’t think they’ll do that though; they’ve shown they want the business.  If they select one of the two remaining options that we are thinking about presenting to them, we can be in a position to earn 20k a month individually(which is ok I guess) or 50k-100k(the goal obviously).

It all comes down to them and where they want to be as a company.  I cannot change their vision, I can only offer options to help get them to where they want to be while making sure I’m compensated as highly as possible for my efforts.  20k isn’t that great but at this point I’ll take it and run with it.  I already have some investment ideas in place should that end up being the final result.

The perfect scenario would be for us to be able to run our own office and build their sales force with employees underneath us closing deals.  We would get an override on all the business they submit and ramp things up full blast.

Aside from work life is good.  No complaints even though I’m bored as hell because I can’t go out.  I’ve just been working out in the morning and renting movies at night.  Simple life, I know, but I honestly don’t mind.  However, I do get cabin fever sometimes and I can’t wait until I have some money to be able to go out once in a while.

So if we meet in September, what they say will most likely affect my decision to move to California.  Because if they give us the green light, I can’t go anywhere since my business partner lives here and we would be opening the office together.  If they don’t do it, then I can work from anywhere and moving isn’t as big of a deal.  One thing I need to do before I move is buy a car, so that might delay things a little.  I’d like to have a newer car paid off in full(cash purchase) and a nice chunk of change in my savings account before relocating.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Enjoy your weekends people.  Be safe!

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