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Getting closer or further away???

Well shit has happened, and I’ll do my best to explain…

My existing company was founded by myself and two business partners. 1 of which (the attorney) is completely fucking useless. FYI, just because someone has a law degree, don’t assume they are smart, because the guy we are working with is not only LAZY AS FUCK, but a complete dumbass (good combo right?). He has not done a single task we have asked of him since starting this partnership several months ago and it isn’t going to work out with him.

The good news is that we found an alternative which allows us to continue working within the same market/industry. Since this business model has the potential to be extremely lucrative, one of my main concerns was wondering if we were going to have to pull the plug on the entire thing because of this idiot. Luckily that hasn’t been the case, yet..

We found another company to outsource our deals to and have been referring them business for the last month. Essentially all of the tasks that our own in-house attorney/partner was supposed to be doing have been sent to an outside firm.

My other business partner and I have been working exclusively on sales and marketing and things have been picking up in that regard, however I’m looking forward to cutting off this fucking idiot as soon as possible. We are going to give him a piece of the deals we acquired while we were in business together but anything after that is 100% ours; he isn’t getting shit. This may sound harsh, but trust me he doesn’t deserve it. If anything he has made everything harder for us and if I really wanted to be cut-throat I’d tell him to go fuck himself and not pay him on any of the deals PERIOD. However I decided not to do that. I don’t like bad karma and I’m not about to end things with him that way.

Moving on!

So it looks like we’ve finally gotten a lot of our marketing kinks worked out and are generating some consistent leads. First goal is to get to 10 deals a month, then 12, then 15, and eventually 20+. Right now we have 5 with more appointments getting setup so it looks like we might hit our goal of 10 or come very close. Regardless, we are finally starting to turn this thing around and the good news is that if we are only able to do 10-15 deals a month, we will still be in the 7+figure mark in a year or so. The only problem is I want to make as much money as possible in the next 24-36 months because eventually the market conditions will change and we will miss out on this opportunity.

So where does this leave us now?

Well the new company we are working with hasn’t been the best experience thus far. Their response time is slow and they don’t seem very organized. We know they are doing what we need them to do because they have provided proof that they’ve done it in the past. The problem is just that they don’t seem to have their shit together from an administrative standpoint and I really hope this is just a temporary issue due to rapid growth. If we are still having the same problems in a couple months, that we are having right now, there is going to be a big issue.

This idea/business is a multi-million dollar business without question. We just can’t seem to find anyone competent enough to do it. We’d handle it ourselves if we could but there are still a lot of unanswered questions and things we do not know how to do. Until we get those answers, we are forced to outsource.

I think I’m on my way – I just pray these idiots we are working with now are able to uphold their end of the bargain.

More to come later.



We’re getting closer…

Well this month, my post volume has been down significantly because I’ve been busy as hell with work.  I had an awesome week last week and I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going into this upcoming week.  As of right now, I feel as though I can get 10 deals for the month; we shall see.

My business partner is also kicking ass and it looks like he’s going to set a new company record if he keeps at the same pace.  This is good for the both of us because it will give us more “clout” when it comes time to negotiate.  I know the owners of the company were maybe expecting me to drop 4-5 deals my first month, but if I can finish with double digits and beat their other sales employee(who’s been with the company 3 yrs) I know I’ll turn some heads.

In regards to getting our own marketing figured out; we haven’t yet, but we are getting closer.  That really is the only missing piece of the puzzle at this point because if we get that working, my goal of becoming a millionaire is within my grasp.  Right now as a regular sales rep it won’t happen.  However if I can generate my own leads and build a legitimate sales force, I’ll have a chance.  At this point, I can’t ask for much more.

I’ve also posted in the past about my desire to move to California, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  I think it may be time to seriously make a decision or to stay fucking put.  Last year I was 100% gung-ho about moving, now it’s more like 50/50.  I really need to take some trips out there and see how I feel while I’m visiting certain areas.  There are a few factors I need to keep in mind.  I need a new car before I move.  My car now has a shitload of miles on it and it’s on its last breath.  Also, moving costs money and is expensive.  I was thinking I’d be able to at the end of the year when my lease is up, but I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation at this point.  Maybe the first quarter of 2012 I’ll be ready.  Lastly, if everything goes well with work and we start building a sales force locally, there is no way in hell I can leave.  I can build the sales force in California if I want, but if things progress more rapidly than anticipated, then it looks like I’ll be stuck here.

The good news is that if I am stuck, I know I’ll be happier because I’ll be running a growing and thriving business.

So this week the goal is to finish the month off strong and experiment with some new marketing techniques to see if we can find that home run.  The last few things we tried just didn’t produce the results we were hoping for.  Again, I’ll be busy, but I’ll do my best to post a monthly wrap-up at the end of next week.

Off to the gym I go!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday’s!

Happy 4th of July!

Well things are progressing forward and work has been going well.  Last week was my first full week of work and I was able to generate a good amount of action.  I’ve been in sales long enough to know that when you are busy, like the way I was, then the money will ultimately follow.  I’m hoping to get my first few closings this week and to continue sending out documentation.

I also came up with a great idea on how to generate our own leads/sales and we are going to implement the plan this week.  First stage is on Tuesday, which is ultimately a recruitment process; and the goal is to get 10-20 people to attend a training seminar which we will hold on Friday or Saturday.  I’ll keep you all updated on that as well.

The good thing about this lead/sales generation technique is that it’s absolutely free and its scalable; so we can really ramp things up quickly if it works.  Right now our plan is for both me and my business partner to have a big July production wise.  At that point we know we will grab the attention of our current boss, and that’s when the negotiation process will begin.  If we can get this setup for sometime in August, that would be fantastic.

Today we were closed at work so I slept in a bit and worked out, now I’m home just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, my hell of waking up at 4am starts all over again.  I just have to stay focussed and hit the phones hard and I know the money will flow.  The exciting thing is our own lead generation; which will ultimately lead to the big score we’ve been after for so long.  Right now, the goal of me earning my first million by the time I turn 30 is a very unlikely scenario, but I can certainly be heading in the right direction within the next several months and put myself on a path of getting it done within a year or 2.

In general I just need to start earning some money again so I can start taking some trips to california like I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now.  I need to check out a few different areas to see if I really want to move out there.

So there’s your quick update.  I’ll be posting July goals after I’m done with this, and will continue pressing forward.  Obviously, when that home run is hit, you all will be the first to know.

Best wishes.

Monthly Wrap

Well we’ve done a lot this month and I’ve hit my goals which are good.  The only problem is that we realized the way we are doing things now is slightly flawed and we are going to have to change how we go about conducting business from this point forward.

I was able to come up with a great idea last night that would give us the ability to make more money doing what we are doing without having the hassle of dealing with 10 sales reps out in the field.  Also, it would keep both me and my business partner busy during the day and would essentially be a more efficient way of running things.

One of my business partner’s biggest issues was relying on other people for his success or failure, and with this new method, that won’t be a concern anymore.

To summarize, our sales people are performing the first step of the process just fine, but they are not closing their deals during the second step.  So instead of giving future employees the ability to earn commission, we are going to market the current job as a part time position to make some side cash.  We’ll basically pay our employees a certain amount every week if they generate “X” amount of leads, and from there, me and my business partner will close.

1)      We will make more commission this way because we are not splitting it with a sales rep

2)      We are not reliant on our sales rep to close the deal

3)      It would keep us busy during the day

4)      It will be easier to monitor and maintain payroll, and I highly doubt finding people to do this part-time is going to be an issue

As of right now, we’ve closed 2 deals, out of almost 90 prospects which is horrendous.  My business partner and I know we can close these deals left and right because the numbers look good.  Unfortunately our sales people are weak and not being aggressive enough; we won’t have that problem.

We have a meeting with the CEO of our partner company tomorrow morning, and next week we are going to start a test to see if we can close these deals.  If we are able to close them easily, then from there we are going to hire part-time people with the purpose of lead generation, not full time sales employees that cannot close.

I wish we knew this was going to happen since day 1, but it’s one of those things that we would have never thought about without seeing our current attempt produce lackluster results.  When I saw that things were not closing the way we needed them to, it forced me to think creatively about the situation and find ways we could fix it.

I’ll keep you all updated, and I’ll post my new goals for October in the next couple of days.

Status Update

Last night I was exhausted so I didn’t write anything about the sales training we held during the day but wanted to give more details today about everything that went down.

The actual training was fantastic.  We invited and got confirmation from 6 people that they would be showing, and only 1 blew us off.  I was somewhat surprised that person didn’t show because they did confirm with me that they would be at the training, but oh well.

The training itself took about 4 hours and as of right now we have 6 reps out in the field selling.  The main issue we’ve come across thus far is finding people that will do this type of job day in and day out.  Its business to business sales and you have to walk into businesses all day.  It’s the only sales job on the planet that the close is the easiest part of the job.  The hardest is getting up and driving to a certain amount of businesses everyday and beginning the sales process.  From this last batch of trainee’s we think a couple are going to be really good, and couple will probably be worthless.  That tends to be norm when it comes to hiring sales employees.  Generally for every 1 or 2 good sales reps you find, you need to hire 5-7.

So as of right now, it’s their first day out in the field, but I know that some probably won’t get started until Friday or next week on Monday, which is fine.  By the end of next week we are going to know exactly who is actually working and who is just fucking off doing nothing.  From there we can decide if we need to hold another training seminar or what needs to be done.

I spoke to my business partner a few times already today and this morning he was kind of down.  He said he has never been good on relying on other people when it comes to business.  Everything he’s done in the past was all on him, and he liked that because he knew that he would do what needed to be done to make money.  With this current business venture, we have employees that we are relying on to make sales, and if they don’t work we’re fucked.  He likes to be in control of the situation and I told him it’s something he’s going to have to get used to.  If you want to make the big bucks, eventually you are going to have to build a company that has employees, management, etc.

Then I spoke to him later this afternoon and he felt much better.  He said that his mind just tends to wander if he doesn’t have anything to do, and as of right now, he’s bored.  Obviously things are going to pick up eventually but we are just getting going so he has a lot of free time on his hands.

Here’s the thing that blows my mind.  This is an amazing business opportunity for any of our sales people and they can easily earn 100k+ a year income if they just work at it.  The unemployment rate is almost 10% and the biggest issue we are having is finding employees that are willing to WORK.  You would think that people would be motivated as hell to make some money, especially if they’ve been out of a job for god knows how long but once they find out they are going to have to put fourth some effort and actually get off their ass, they lose interest.  I just don’t fucking get it.

It’s not like the job market is fantastic right now and people can be picky about their employment!  Not only that, but this is a job with opportunity for advancement and a large earnings potential!

Ah well, people are lazy.  What else can I say?

I’ll keep you all updated.

Boredom round 2

Initially, I was thinking I was going to be able to refill my lead orders without and delays but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I’m pretty much at the mercy of the IRS and when they decide to give me my fuckin income tax return.  Until then, I have no money to invest on leads.

I can’t begin to describe how frustrating this is.  I was starting to build momentum and starting to close deals, and if I cannot continue with my lead orders everything is going to come to a screeching halt.  I’m expecting a few more deals this week, but other then that, nothing.

So what the hell should I do in the meantime?  There is no point in me calling a lead I’ve already tried contacting 50 times.  I can only watch so many pointless videos on YouTube.  I can only stare at my projection charts for so long…

I’m open to suggestions because this is fuckin brutal.  Even with my minimal lead volume thus far this month, I’m hoping to generate enough sales to start my epic upward spiral towards wealth and fortune!  January and February were disasters, so this month needed to be better, and so far it’s starting to shape up that way.

Looks like it will be another couple of weeks of leaving the office early unless I get my refund.

Lately I’ve been contemplating meeting up with an old employee of mine to discuss future career opportunities with him.  He was good at sales and a hard worker when we worked together.  I’m thinking about reaching out to him about being my first hire, with the intention of promoting him to management once this company grows.  Only issue is that he has a job right now paying a decent salary, so he might have some reservations about giving that up for a commission only gig.  I would not be able to pay him a base until the company is more established.  The good thing is that he would be making a hell of a lot more working for me as a sales manager then he ever would earn at his current employer.  However, it would be a pay cut initially, and he might not be able to deal with that depending on his financial situation.

Normally I’d just wait until I knew I could hire him, but I’m thinking that if I talk to him now about it and let him know that the position should be available in a few months, it will allow him time to save his money so that the transition won’t be as stressful financially.  Who knows what the fuck I’m going to do at this point?  My mind wanders when I have nothing to do.

I’m going crazy right now… 

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