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Goals and plans for the week of March 28th

It’s Monday morning and here’s the situation. 🙂

Not much has changed since my last blog post.  I spent the entire weekend just relaxing at my apartment.  I laid by the pool a few times and got some color and did my usual weekend workouts.  I got a lot of errands done and had a productive weekend for not doing any work.

Today my business partner has an appointment to get looked at by his doctor who’s going to tell him they are going to do the surgery on Wednesday or Friday.  We are obviously hoping for Wednesday but it depends on what the doctor says.  He really can’t do anything until he gets it taken care of and I’m trying to stay as busy as possible but there is only so much I can do until he’s 100%.

I’m continuing to pull comps and practicing my “valuation” on subject properties.  There is a very strict criteria that needs to be met in order for us to invest in a subject property and you go through a lot before you find a possible deal.  The more practice the better and that’s what I’ve been doing.  We’re about 2 weeks behind due to his health issues but I’m not stressed about it because there is nothing I can do.  It’s out of my control and one thing I’m trying to getting better at is not worrying about something that is out of my control.

Once he’s back on his feet we’ll start making offers and we’ll know if this thing is going to work or not.  The marketing works great so it’s safe to think that the other aspects should work as well if we do them correctly.

One thing I forgot to mention in my last blog post was that I got a call from an investor we were working with last week.  It was a guy who we thought was interested in the older investment we were offering but he never got the funds together to invest and we just eventually wrote him off and stopped contacting him.  After a month of no contact he called me out of the blue and asked if I remembered him.  He basically said that he still wants to invest and is committed; he is just having trouble getting the funds together.  The guy is a 100% disabled veteran and it sounds like he’s starting a real estate investment fund for himself as well as other disabled veterans.  Getting the paperwork, grant money, non-profit status and everything else set up has been taking time but he did say he is planning on sending his business through us and he’ll contact us when he’s ready.  It was good to hear and it would be nice if we end up doing business together, but at this point I’m not holding my breath.  We’ve been talking to this guy since last year.

In terms of our existing endeavors we both feel good about the overall plan and what we intend to do, but we won’t be 100% convinced until we close that first deal.  At this point nothing else matters.  After my business partner is healthy we cannot have anymore distractions or anything affecting our ability to hit our goal.  All of our focus has to be on getting that first deal closed because once we close 1, we’ll be convinced it works and will close another, and another, and so on…

The first deal is always the hardest in any business and sales is all about momentum.  Unfortunately our momentum has slowed due to my business partner’s health issues so it’s up to us to get it going again.

I’ve been looking at properties in California more and more lately and I’m really fired up to make some money.  The residential housing market has pretty much bottomed out and there are steals anywhere.  If I want to buy in California I will have to do it soon because there are so many deals and real estate is so expensive there.  It’s providing some added motivation for me to earn some damn money so I can lay my roots somewhere and establish myself.

Will I move to California or stay here in Scottsdale?  I honestly don’t know.  I’m much happier here then I’ve ever been in the past but anything can happen.  1 year ago I would have said, “I’m moving,” without the slightest hesitation.  Now I’m more open to things happening and I understand that sometimes things aren’t that simple.  I could meet the woman of my dreams or simply have an amazing opportunity here where I am that I would be an idiot not to take advantage of; a lot can happen 8 or 9 months.

I think by the end of the year I’m going to have to seriously consider buying something though.  Rental rates are astronomical and I can buy a condo for what I’m paying here in rent and my mortgage payment would be almost half.

Anyways, I’m ranting now.  I hope you all have a great week and remember to stay positive and to set your goals for the week!  If there is anyone bringing you down or not being supportive, cut them out of your life!  Don’t surround yourself with pessimists; they are an entrepreneur’s kryptonite.



Monday night with shit on my mind

Labor Day weekend is officially over and I’m sitting here bored as hell.  I spoke very briefly to my business partner this morning but that was pretty much all that happened.  I took the day off from working out and basically napped all day.

We are going to place another job ad tomorrow and I hope it gets more response because we definitely need it.  When I spoke to my business partner this morning he said he couldn’t believe that finding qualified candidates for the position has turned out to be the hardest part of everything we’ve done thus far.  I agreed with him.

The unemployment rate is fucking astronomical and people need work.  Our job offer is 100% legitimate and lucrative and we aren’t getting good resumes.  Every ad we place, leads to about 5 or so resumes and almost all of them are usually complete crap.  Some of these people don’t even have sales experience and are applying for a sales position, it doesn’t make sense.  We’ve tried different verbiage in the job ad and still haven’t gotten much more interest; it’s frustrating.

I’m determined to get at least 5-10 sales reps out in the field by the end of the month because we NEED to.  We won’t make any money if we don’t, and we’ll be sitting around on our asses all day going crazy if we don’t have more employees.  Is this thing a million dollar business?  I really don’t know, but right now I’ll take what I can get.  If I can earn a quarter to a half million dollars a year doing this, so be it.

Like I’ve previously mentioned, there is the possibility of us opening up another branch in California, and I’m all for that because it will give me a reason/excuse to finally move there.  If it could happen sometime in 2011, that would be fantastic.

I haven’t been writing as much because I really don’t have much to write about.  Things are pretty boring right now and I’m trying to find ways to remain positive, optimistic, and busy.  Tomorrow I may suggest that I meet my business partner for a cup of coffee just to get out of my damn apartment and to have a brain storming session as far as what we can do to really give this company the spark it needs to take off.

More Monday meetings – random thoughts

I’m meeting my business partner for lunch today.  We are starting to get some inquiries online from our job ad, and he wants to discuss this other real estate investment thing we are looking into.  Other then that, I really have nothing to do and am extremely bored.  I already started uninstalling software on my work computer that needs to be removed and I’m transferring files to my home computer so nothing is lost once I’m out of here.

I’m still kind of in a “blah” mood right now and I’m not sure why.  I slept like shit last night.  I’m going to try and talk it out with my business partner today to figure out what the fuck my problem is.  I know that if things are like this when I’m working from home I won’t get shit done so I’m going to have to find a way to keep as busy as possible when working out of my place.

I generally feel better after I talk to him, so we’ll see.

I just need to start making some fucking money and thank god I have the residuals coming in from my debt settlement business to help with my finances.  It’s not much, but it’s enough to buy me sometime until I get something else going.

This year is going to be over before I know it, and I want to be on a more measurable path of hitting my goal of earning a million dollars by the time I turn 30.  As of right now, I’m on the right path, but I cannot gauge how well I’m doing until I start earning some money.

If one of my businesses earns me 20k a month, and another earns met 10k a month, then I know its going to take me about 3 years to hit the million dollar mark.  From there I can ramp up and make adjustments accordingly to try and speed up the process.

I’m sick of struggling.  The thought of living my entire life like this scares the shit out of me.  I honestly don’t know how people do it.  Families with kids living paycheck to paycheck; unbelievable.  I want to be 35, comfortable and enjoying life.  I don’t want to be 35 with no retirement savings, no home, and nothing to show for my effort these last 5 years.

I’m not stressed about my current business venture; I’m stressed about my current place in life.  I really need things to change, or show promise in the near future so I can feel as though all of this work and effort was worth it.

A little more info about what’s going on

In order for us to be able to start our business we need to have a contract signed with an existing company.  There is a list of 30 or so approved companies that can provide the type of service we need so in order for us to be able to run with this, we need to sign an agreement with at least 1 of them.

Before I mentioned there is an 80% chance of us doing this, well the other 20% is contingent on whether or not we can get a contract signed.  We pretty much know we want to do it but can’t do anything without that contract.  We are offering something that is attractive and we aren’t asking for any money upfront, just a piece of business we bring in.

So today, we sent out an email to about 7 or so of these companies and are waiting for a response.  If the email doesn’t work, we’ll have to figure out another way to get a hold of the owners and talk to them.  However, this is a crucial part of our plan so it needs to work.  Common sense says; “I don’t see why a company wouldn’t sign an agreement?  It will cost them nothing and there is no risk, either we send them business and make them money or we don’t.”  But people are fucking stupid and I have absolutely no idea what type of response we should expect.

It seems like a no-brainer from both me and my business partner for us to get a couple of companies that are interested, but we really wont know until later on in the week how this is all going to pan out.  Once that contract is signed, it’s a wrap and we will blow this thing up.

Also, I know my business partner is getting excited about this.  He always was excited, but was trying to play it cool earlier.  Now his excitement is starting to show.  He called me at 6:45am this fuckin morning to talk about shit and said he was ready to go.  I’m really anxious to see how these companies we are contacting for a partnership are going to respond because it is vital to our whole plan’s success.  I’m not worried that we won’t get any to respond because I’ll do what I have to do to get at least 1 fucking agreement, even if it means knocking on their doors.  I’m just curious and excited to see what they say.

This week is going to be huge and let’s hope it all works out for the best.  My goal is to be sitting down with owners of these other companies and to have at least a couple of meetings by the end of the week.  It would be nice to have an agreement signed by the end of the week as well, but I’m shooting for that to be done by the end of next week the latest.  Once that’s done, we complete the new hire packets and training manuals, throw an ad up for new hires and begin interviews and training.  From there, it’s only a matter of time before the money starts to flow.

The remainder of today it’s a waiting game to see if we get a response and if my business partner digs up any more info.  He has a couple of inside contacts that are working in a similar industry (but have no idea of our plans) and he is picking their brains when he can.

In regards to my current business, I was supposed to get some free live transfer leads today but that doesn’t look like its going to happen; big fucking surprise.  So I’ll pretty much be sitting here doing nothing all day.  It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ve already “mentally checked out” of this and am focused on my new thing.  I do want to see if I can close a few of those transfers once I get them because it will help tremendously.

Lastly, I printed up expected payment reports for every month leading up until the end of the year and it looks like I’ll have enough money going into my account to cover my living expenses, but that’s only if there are no missed payments, NSF’s, or cancellations during that time frame, which definitely won’t happen.  Basically what it means is I’ll probably be ok for a couple of months before my account is drained and I won’t have enough to cover my expenses.  So the good news is I have time to get my new thing going, the bad news is I don’t have that much time.

I’ll keep you all updated when I hear something.  Enjoy your Mondays.

Big week

Scratch that.  This is the ONLY week.  It all comes down to this.  I’m not saying that I expect the email blast to deliver fantastic results immediately but it needs to show some sort of promise so I know what I’m working with.  If it doesn’t, it’s over.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because the anticipation is killing me.  This is over a month in the making and everything has literally come down to this.  No more business loan, no more help from business partners, it’s all on me.  Yes, I’m nervous but in a good way.  I really think this is going to work because I know lead generation companies use this technique, it’s just a matter of how effective it is.

Like I said last night during my 11 o’clock rant; all I need is 50 leads from this and I just literally saved my company and my business.  Ultimately that means I need 1 out of every 100 people that go to my landing page to fill out their info, which I don’t think is asking too much.  To be honest I have no idea what type of conversions to expect on something like this so I may be way off base, but I wont know until I  try it so we shall see how this pans out.

Today I should be approving the email ad, then it’s blast time and I’m not sure if we’ll get it out today or tomorrow.  We are sending out 100,000 emails at a clip to test things before we go through the entire 500,000.

Other then that, I really don’t have much to do today.  I have a desk to put together for my business partner which I’ll do later this afternoon.  I don’t really have leads to call unless my lead guy miraculously comes through with my order.  I got that 3rd landing page done this weekend so that’s ready to go for a different test I’m going to run, but I’m going to wait and see how this email blast works out first.

Keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers for me because it all comes down to this, and whether you may like me or not, whether you may think I’m an asshole or a cool guy, I assure you that I’ve paid my dues and have busted my ass for this.  I’m ready for things to finally start working for the better. 

Enjoy your Monday’s people!

I think I’m back on the right path!

How can I tell?  Simple; I love coming into work on Mondays again!  For awhile I was dreading coming to work and couldn’t stand it, and that’s when I began to wonder if I should just give up and throw in the towel, but now that I’ve changed things up, I’m excited to come to work and am looking forward to breaking out of this slump!

I always tell people that if they look forward to their weekends and hate going into work on Mondays, they are probably doing the wrong thing and they need to change it.  For awhile that was me but it was because of what was happening with my business not the actual business itself.

So today I should get to review the edited draft of the landing page.  I have a couple more quick changes for it and it should be done.  Afterwards, I need to launch and hire my SEO guys to get to work.  Right now I have 3 domains with their own hosting, so I’m planning on creating 3 different landing pages and trying out different SEO techniques with each of them.  Everything I’ve read about this said it’s all about testing.  You try something, it doesn’t work, try something else, and so on.  Eventually once this thing gets dialed in I’m sure I’ll need a lot more then 3 landing pages.  But for now it’s a good start.

So come July I’m planning on having another one developed and have a theme already in place for it.

On another bright note, I actually got a call back on those leads I got last week.  Can you believe that shit?  I got a call late Sunday night in response to an email I sent one of them and they left a voicemail, so I called back this morning and left a message.  So we’ll see what happens with that.  Today I’m planning on calling a bunch of them, but not leaving messages.  Just going to rip through them to see if I can get anyone on the phone.

I need to talk to my lead guy to see how things are going with the platform.  The only good thing about this whole situation and it taking so long is that it leads me to believe that I can do this shit myself.  It seems pretty obvious that they don’t know what the fuck they are doing so why can’t I do this shit myself?  I can’t wait to be generating my own leads and to be 100% independent.  It’s going to be incredible.

As far as the loan is concerned, I don’t have much of a status report on that, but when my investor told me they would give it to me, they said they would have it on July 1st.  I’ll probably talk with them tonight and see how things are going with that.

All in all, lot’s to do today!  Hope everyone has a great/productive Monday!  Cheers.

Monday blues or Monday motivation?

I took some time off from posting this weekend just to clear my head.  I did my best to not think about work at all and to just enjoy myself.  It was my boys 31st birthday this weekend so we went out and had some drinks.  I ended up spending way too much at the bar so I’m going to be laying low the next few weekends.

On Saturday I made a big pot of my pasta sauce and this batch was fucking delicious.  Looks like I’ll be eating a lot of pasta this week.

Anyways, I was pretty upset on Friday, and today things started off well.  I closed a deal the second I got into the office and I’m hoping to have a big week.  It’s the last week of the month and I need to finish strong.

Financially things are going to be tight.  I keep looking at my projections over and over again and I don’t know how I’m going to make this work, so I’ve decide to just stop obsessing over that shit.  I need to focus on bringing in business and closing more deals.  This other shit is what’s driving me crazy.

I’m constantly reminded of Winston Churchill’s famous quote;

“Never, never, never, never give up…”

It’s so easy to just throw in the towel and say “fuck this,” but that won’t get you anywhere in life.  You can’t give up on something you are passionate about and something you know can be successful.  You have to keep pressing forward no matter what, and that’s what I’m going to do.

If things take longer then expected, fine.  If I have to get a second job to help with finances until this thing floats itself, fine.  I’ll do whatever I have to fucking do.  I want this shit so fucking bad, and I’ve wanted it since I graduated college 5 years ago.  This is the best opportunity I’ve ever had at making it financially and there is no way I’m going to throw that away.

10 years from now I’ll look back at this and maybe I’ll be rich as hell or poor as fuck, but regardless I’ll crack a smile knowing I gave it all I had.  Imagine the thought of being 50 or 60yrs old and broke and constantly wondering; “what if I just hung in there a little longer, would it have taken off?”  That’s the position I never want to be in.

When I was drinking with my buddy we were talking about life in general, and although I love the kid, at 31 years old he doesn’t seem to have much direction.  It’s a scary thing because at that age I want to have a flourishing business with a shitload of money in the bank.  Financial security and freedom must be an amazing feeling and I honestly can’t wait until I’m there.

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