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@ 30 yrs old, there is more to life than blogging

My birthday was Feb. 24th and I turned the big 3 Ohhhhhhh…

Funny how my goal was to be a millionaire at this point and I’m not even fucking close.  I’m on the right path, I’m positive about that however it’s just taking so fucking long.  I’m still broke as shit and still trying to get this company to take off.  Our marketing is still a nightmare.  Every campaign we try just fucking fails and I don’t understand what the problem is.  There is such a huge market for this service and we can’t seem to be getting people out there to see that.

One thing I’m beginning to notice is that more and more companies are doing this and I’m worried about competition.  We need to establish ourselves as heavy hitters before shit gets out of hand.  That’s not going to happen closing a deal or two a month, so we need to figure this shit out fucking fast.  I need, at a bare minimum, 100 properties on the books AND paying before the end of the year – no questions asked.

One thing that really pissed me off is that my business partner just decided to take a week long vacation this week and it’s the worst time imaginable.  For him to just leave when we are struggling with this shit really pisses me off.  We need to get this turned around and I’m beginning to think if I personally don’t turn it around, it’s not going to happen at all.

I’ve done a few small test mailing campaigns just to see the type of response we get.  It’s something completely different and I hope it generates some calls.  If it works it is easily scaleable so we’ll see.  Our last mail campaign was a fucking bust.  What else is new right??

I’m having trouble sleeping over this because once we get this one issue figured out the sky is the limit.

I haven’t been blogging much because there isn’t much to talk about other then my repeated failures.  I keep hoping that I’ll have something positive to write but it never happens.

Hopefully that day will come soon.

Apparently after Whitney Houston died, everyone was searching for “whitney houston crack head” because my blog got a shitload of traffic from that keyword.

Fuckin hilarious..


I turn 30 this month…

My birthday is Feb 24th and I can’t believe I’m turning 30.  It feels like just the other day I was partying at college just enjoying life and ever since graduating I’ve been fighting for my financial survival.  If there is anything I’ve learned in the past 7 years, it’s that this shit isn’t supposed to be easy.  If it were, then we’d have an entire nation of rich-ass motherfucker’s who don’t appreciate their wealth.

We’re dropping some money on a big marketing campaign and I hope to fucking God this is the “one” because we’ve tried so much shit – none of which has worked.  I just want that phone to blow up so I can know for a fact; it’s happening, it’s going to work…

This past weekend the Giants won the Superbowl and I’m a diehard fan so I was stoked about that!  The only problem was that I ended up drinking way to much and I’m trying to watch my budget, so for the rest of this month I have to keep a tighter lid on my shit.

Anyways, goals for February!!  Well first off, we need to get the damn phone ringing.  I guess that’s the most important thing right now because if we can do that, the deals will come.  I’d like to have almost 10 deals total by the end of the month but I’m not sure about that.  Who knows though.  If this marketing push we’re doing this week works out, it very well may happen.

It looks like my goal of being a legitimate millionaire by the time I’m 30 was an epic failure but if it occurs in the next year or two I won’t complain too much, I just need to see something positive here.  I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve tried that didn’t work out.  I’m sick and fucking tired of it.

Currently listening to PNAU – Unite Us(Xilent Remix)

I’m on a dubstep kick lately.

Will write more later when I got shit to say.  Peace…

We’re getting closer…

Well this month, my post volume has been down significantly because I’ve been busy as hell with work.  I had an awesome week last week and I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going into this upcoming week.  As of right now, I feel as though I can get 10 deals for the month; we shall see.

My business partner is also kicking ass and it looks like he’s going to set a new company record if he keeps at the same pace.  This is good for the both of us because it will give us more “clout” when it comes time to negotiate.  I know the owners of the company were maybe expecting me to drop 4-5 deals my first month, but if I can finish with double digits and beat their other sales employee(who’s been with the company 3 yrs) I know I’ll turn some heads.

In regards to getting our own marketing figured out; we haven’t yet, but we are getting closer.  That really is the only missing piece of the puzzle at this point because if we get that working, my goal of becoming a millionaire is within my grasp.  Right now as a regular sales rep it won’t happen.  However if I can generate my own leads and build a legitimate sales force, I’ll have a chance.  At this point, I can’t ask for much more.

I’ve also posted in the past about my desire to move to California, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  I think it may be time to seriously make a decision or to stay fucking put.  Last year I was 100% gung-ho about moving, now it’s more like 50/50.  I really need to take some trips out there and see how I feel while I’m visiting certain areas.  There are a few factors I need to keep in mind.  I need a new car before I move.  My car now has a shitload of miles on it and it’s on its last breath.  Also, moving costs money and is expensive.  I was thinking I’d be able to at the end of the year when my lease is up, but I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation at this point.  Maybe the first quarter of 2012 I’ll be ready.  Lastly, if everything goes well with work and we start building a sales force locally, there is no way in hell I can leave.  I can build the sales force in California if I want, but if things progress more rapidly than anticipated, then it looks like I’ll be stuck here.

The good news is that if I am stuck, I know I’ll be happier because I’ll be running a growing and thriving business.

So this week the goal is to finish the month off strong and experiment with some new marketing techniques to see if we can find that home run.  The last few things we tried just didn’t produce the results we were hoping for.  Again, I’ll be busy, but I’ll do my best to post a monthly wrap-up at the end of next week.

Off to the gym I go!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday’s!

Happy 4th of July!

Well things are progressing forward and work has been going well.  Last week was my first full week of work and I was able to generate a good amount of action.  I’ve been in sales long enough to know that when you are busy, like the way I was, then the money will ultimately follow.  I’m hoping to get my first few closings this week and to continue sending out documentation.

I also came up with a great idea on how to generate our own leads/sales and we are going to implement the plan this week.  First stage is on Tuesday, which is ultimately a recruitment process; and the goal is to get 10-20 people to attend a training seminar which we will hold on Friday or Saturday.  I’ll keep you all updated on that as well.

The good thing about this lead/sales generation technique is that it’s absolutely free and its scalable; so we can really ramp things up quickly if it works.  Right now our plan is for both me and my business partner to have a big July production wise.  At that point we know we will grab the attention of our current boss, and that’s when the negotiation process will begin.  If we can get this setup for sometime in August, that would be fantastic.

Today we were closed at work so I slept in a bit and worked out, now I’m home just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, my hell of waking up at 4am starts all over again.  I just have to stay focussed and hit the phones hard and I know the money will flow.  The exciting thing is our own lead generation; which will ultimately lead to the big score we’ve been after for so long.  Right now, the goal of me earning my first million by the time I turn 30 is a very unlikely scenario, but I can certainly be heading in the right direction within the next several months and put myself on a path of getting it done within a year or 2.

In general I just need to start earning some money again so I can start taking some trips to california like I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now.  I need to check out a few different areas to see if I really want to move out there.

So there’s your quick update.  I’ll be posting July goals after I’m done with this, and will continue pressing forward.  Obviously, when that home run is hit, you all will be the first to know.

Best wishes.

God it’s so close

I had a meeting with my business partner Saturday morning; we met for coffee and talked for over an hour.  He told me that he had to get a job to get some money coming in and just wanted to let me know.  I wasn’t the slightest bit turned off or worried and understood completely.  He’s broke and even if we close a real estate deal now, we don’t get paid on it for 2-4weeks.  Regardless, he reiterated to me that he is 100% committed to this, and he said the second we close that 1 deal, he is going to quit anyways.

I think his wife is giving him shit so he is more or less doing this to keep her off his ass.  He told me he wanted to sit down and tell me because he didn’t want to be doing it behind my back, which I appreciated.  From there we did nothing but talk about what we are involved with now, our mentality moving forward and goals for the future.

He told me; “you know what your problem is?  You are too much like I was at your age!”

When he was my age, he was running his own hedge fund and on his way to becoming a millionaire.  I told him over and over again that I’m looking for the big score and I’m so fucking ready for it to happen.  All of the shit I’ve been through for the last 5 years has prepared me for this moment and I know it’s close.

I told him how I have friends telling me how they are super excited about job opportunities they have which have the potential to earn them 5-10k a month.  Then they tell me; “I can get you a job if you want, it’s a great gig!”  However, I just smile at them and nod because I don’t want to be insulting and I appreciate the gesture, but a measly 10k a month just doesn’t get me excited.  To me, that’s chicken shit.

If it’s enough for someone else, that’s fucking awesome and I’m happy for them.  I’m not dogging them one bit, it’s just that my mindset is on another level and unless you have a similar frame of mind it’s something you won’t be able to relate to.

My business partner knows exactly where I’m coming from because he thinks the same way I do.  He often times laughs at me and says; “if only my son had your ambition…”

I tell him my goal right now is 100k a month, and once I hit that I’m sure I’ll set a new goal and he just smiles because that’s exactly how he was when he was younger, and that’s how he still is today.

We had a small issue with the last ad we ran.  Seems as though another rep ran the same ad in the same paper, so it pretty much fucked our marketing for the entire weekend.  We got 2 leads from this ad and who knows if either of them are serious.  To be honest, once I heard the ad’s overlapped, I wasn’t expecting any leads, so 2 isn’t that bad.

This week we really need to try and close these fuckers we’ve been communicating with.  We have several guys that claim they are interested but have been dragging on for weeks now.  We are going to have to push them a bit and basically tell them that it’s time to shit or get off the pot.  No more bullshit.  Are we going to do business or not?

As of this moment I’d say we have 4-5 legitimate buyers we are talking to and practically every single one has expressed interest in buying more than 1 property.  For every 10 properties we sell, we earn 60k, so obviously the goal is to find 4 or 5 of these investors a month that want to buy 10 properties each.  I think it’s a realistic expectation and goal, especially once we have the marketing dollars to run weekly ads instead of this every other week bullshit.

I’m so happy, calm, peaceful, relaxed, content and just loving life right now.  The last two months I’ve been having spectacular workouts and fucking loving every second of it.  I’m extremely focused with my diet and training and the results have been fantastic.  These past few months I’ve been able to remind myself why I love working out and lifting weights.

I fell back in love with the gym and haven’t felt like this since I started working out nearly 15 years ago.

Everything is just BETTER and this business taking off is the missing piece to the puzzle.  Once it falls into place, I will literally be on cloud 9 and will be smiling 24/7.

I’ll keep everyone updated and hopefully some action happens during the upcoming week! 🙂

Never been so broke and happy :)

I’m completely tapped out financially and am not the slightest bit worried about my situation.  I’m so excited about what we are involved with now and things just keep getting better and better.  The positive momentum and energy is snowballing and I intend to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

Of the 3 whales we are talking to 1 is dead.  He wanted us to change the deal around and all this other shit and we just couldn’t do what he was asking for so he is no longer interested.  1 is currently under negotiations, and the last one we have been unable to make contact with over the past week; until tonight.  I finally got a hold of the guy and asked if he was still interested and he said he was and that he was away on business but he wants to get this thing going, so I’m super stoked.

We also are running another Wall Street Journal ad tomorrow and Saturday so that should generate some more leads as well.  Right now, since funds are so tight, both me and my business partner are unable to run a weekly ad so we have been running one every other week.  Once we close 1 deal, it will be a non issue.  The great thing about this is that the marketing cost is very cheap, and the return is astronomical.

The millionaire potential with this business is definitely there and I’m VERY confident that we will have a surplus of a million dollars in overall sales by the end of 2011.  The only problem is that there are two of us, so whatever earnings we make we need to split.  Therefore, we need to collectively make 2-3million in order for us to individually millionaires.

I know we can do it and the expectations are 100% reasonable.  We just need to keep talking to the big time investors who don’t fuck around and have the bankroll to purchase a lot of properties at once.  That’s where the money is and that’s how we are going to ultimately become rich.

Gotta stay focused and positive, gotta remain optimistic, and gotta make this shit happen.  The rest of November and December are going to be very exciting, and 2011 is going to be MY YEAR.  I can feel it.

Don’t you just love whales???  I do…



So we’ve come to a few conclusions thus far

After a few days of seeing how our sales reps have been doing in the field, we were able to come to a few conclusions on what we should expect from this type of business and what needs to be done.

  1. The thought/idea of being able to make good money with 5 or 7 reps out in the field is completely out of touch with reality.  Right now we have 6 employee’s, 3 of which are working, 1 who is working but is only part-time, 1 who is part-time and not working, and 1 who just hasn’t done shit since day 1.  It’s pretty safe to assume that this is most likely going to be the case with future hires and I should have known this from the beginning.  In every single sales job I have worked it was always the same situation.  10 people would get hired, maybe 4 would last and out of those 4, 1 would be a rock star (top producer) while the others did barely enough to get by.  It seems like we will have a similar scenario with our company.  Ultimately, we are probably going to need a team of 15-20 people to make any real money.
  2. We both pretty much agree that there is no 7 figure a year earnings potential with this business.  Like I’ve mentioned earlier, 250k seems to be an estimate on the high end if everything goes well but I don’t see us individually making more than that.  There is just no way that the numbers can get us to 750k – 1 million a year each as our current contract stands; which brings me to the next point.
  3. We WILL have to renegotiate our current contract somewhere down the road.  Right now both my business partner and I want to have a large/strong sales force, and really blow the doors off of this thing so that we have some negotiating power in 2011.  But the bottom line is we are going to have to renegotiate our agreement in the beginning of next year.  Something as little as a 5% increase in our split could make a world of difference.  Instead of only making 250k a year, now we’re making a half million a year, which to me sounds about right considering the amount of sales and amount of money we’d be making the other parties involved with this contract.
  4. Even if I’m making 250-500k a year, I still won’t be content with those earnings and the reason being is that it will still take me several years to save over a million dollars.  Once you factor in taxes and living expenses, I’m looking at 4-7 years before I’m able to save up my first million.  Remember, my goal is to have a million dollars liquid in the bank by the time I’m 30, not just earn a million dollars.  I don’t think I’ll hit that goal by 30 the way things are going, but if it takes me until I turn 31 or 32 I won’t bitch.  As of right now, 4-7 years is way too long of a time period and my goals are set higher than that.
  5. If we want to make the big bucks, 7+ figures a year, we are going to have to branch out and get involved in other things.  My business partner keeps saying real estate is what we need to get into once this gig starts generating some income and I agree with him, but we have no idea of the specifics of how we plan on doing this.


All in all things are going great, although I’m kind of upset at the fact that the first business venture I’ve started, which has actually taken off with little to no speed bumps, turned out to be one which isn’t that lucrative.  That’s just my fucking luck I suppose, but good things happen when you have some cash to play with and hopefully this business will give us the cash to invest in opportunities that have very large income potential.

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