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dubstep, wine, friday night…

this is more a post on general reflection.  fuck spell check because i dont have time for that shit and i’m writing now that i’m inspired.

my business is growing but not fast enough.  we currently have 3 closed deals and a 4th on the way but we want to be doing 20-30 a month, not fucking 4.  our marketing is fucked and it feels like everything we do is an uphill battle.  you hear these success stories of people talking about how they struggled for so fucking long then it “finally took off,” well what the fuck?  this goddamn jet has been sitting on the runway long enough.  i have a business meeting tomorrow with the other principals to discuss our current problems and try to find ways to resolve them; therefore tonight i’m staying in and finishing off a bottle of cab.

all this shit drives me fucking crazy because i’m so dedicated and won’t stop at anything until i hit my goal.  the thing that pisses me off is that i feel like it SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD…  i started this goddamn blog two years ago and was working on various business endeavors for many years prior to starting my blog…  in fact, this has been a goal of mine since i moved to Arizona, which happened 7 FUCKING YEARS AGO.  What the fuck?!

a million dollars isnt a lot of money anyways so i don’t know why i’m having so much trouble getting there…  it sure as hell won’t buy you what it used to.

the company i work for currently, while i’m working on my own business is a perfect example of the type of shit that drives me nuts.  its run by a bunch of goddamn monkeys.  there is no organization whatsoever and their customer service is a fucking disaster.  the company as a whole is one of the most poorly run businesses i’ve ever been a part of, yet they are making millions…

goal was to have 500 properties by the end of 2012 and there is no way in hell that shit is happening with our current setup.  we keep spending money testing different marketing avenues and nothing seems to work.  its extremely frustrating.

i’ve said this so many times before and $1,000,000.00 is really not what i’m after.  its not the fucking money, its the FREEDOM that money provides.  the ability to do what you want, when you want.  the ability to travel, to enjoy life, to never worry about finances or bills.  THAT’s what i’m after…

7 fucking years.  i can’t believe it.  7 years and i’m still in the same fucking position i was in when i first moved…  unreal.

my only hope is the belief that all of the learning, and struggling, and growing as a man both personally and in business, has made me that much more likely to succeed now, verses in 2005.  without that, its like i wasted the last 7 years of my life.  i cant think that way.  i wont think that way…

it all has to be part of the process right?  steps in the right direction?  it fucking HAS to be…

currently listening to Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Gemini Remix)



Friday thoughts/weekly wrap/Rant

Well I don’t have much to report today.  We got a lot done this week and made huge progress but we are still waiting on the investor to email us those specific points on what he is looking for.  Last night we emailed our business associate the numbers that we were given so that she can begin thinking of a plan of action.  However, we still need that email from the investor so that we can be sure we didn’t miss anything or that he didn’t forget to mention something to us while we were on the phone with him.  My business partner and myself already decided that if we don’t get anything from him by Monday, we are going to call or email him to see what the holdup is.

As far as how the numbers look right now; I’ve spent some time analyzing them.  And from what I can see it looks like a no brainer.  Even if our business associate says she can’t do a deal, we will be able to do one directly with the investor if need be.  So if they work with us, they should definitely work with her considering she has more wiggle room within the numbers then we do.

There are only two reasons I can think of that would hinder her from jumping all over this;

1)      There is something about the investment on the backend that we are not aware of and she simply doesn’t have faith in the investment.

2)      Bottom line, she doesn’t have the balls to pull the trigger.

You find out what someone is made of, especially when it comes to business, when large numbers are being discussed and they appear to be solid as a rock or intimidated.  I think some of this comes from experience in business, but a lot of it just depends on the type of person you are.  Large numbers never intimidated me and I’ve never closed (what I would consider) a large deal in my life; at least not yet…

I’d imagine that part of it you are just born with.  Either you “got it” or you don’t.  I’ve had numerous friends, colleagues and people tell me that I have a good business sense and they can tell I know what I’m talking about.  I’m not really sure why that is considering I’m broke as hell and struggling, but I don’t see why they would lie to me about that.  I will say that when I’ve talked to high net worth individuals (HNWI) I’ve never been intimidated and always considered myself on the same page as them.  I might not have any money now, but always felt as though it was going to happen; it was just a matter of time.

Lately I’ve been bullshitting with a guy at my gym who owns the juice bar there.  He provides protein shakes and other supplements to the members.  After my workouts I typically sit and have a protein shake so naturally we started chatting about business and other things.  Turns out this guy has over 70 locations nationwide and his goal is to get to 100.  He also mentioned he has always wanted to develop a supplement line and/or energy drink.  I told him about how my background is in sports nutrition and I’ve actually developed a supplement line while I was in college.  I still have it now, sitting on paper but have never done anything with it.  I can tell for a fact he wants to do business and work together and I’m all for it.  I have told him that I’m involved in this real estate transaction now and once I close a deal and have some play money we should do it.

So why am I sharing this story?  Because doors are opening up for me, and in talking to this guy the last several weeks he obviously feels as though I’m capable of making something happen otherwise I doubt the conversations would have gotten as in-depth as they have.  He even shared with me his profit margins on specific locations, his mark-ups, everything.

You don’t share that info with just some random customer.  He was feeling me out to see if I knew my shit. 

Regardless, nothing can happen until I close this fucking real estate deal and this is probably going to keep me busy for awhile.  The more we look into it, the more it seems like this is going to be a several year commitment on our part.  It definitely does not feel like it’s going to be a situation where we get our commission and just walk.  We are most likely going to be actively involved in the investment and the real estate market while we are working with this investor.

This weekend I’m not really sure what my plans are.  The Superbowl is on Sunday and I could care less about either team playing in the game so that really isn’t a big deal to me.  The new ad we developed for the Wall Street Journal started running today and so far I haven’t gotten any calls.  Tomorrow morning my business partner wants to have a meeting to most likely discuss the current situation and what we plan on doing if the investor doesn’t get us the info we are waiting on.  Aside from that, I won’t be partying hard or anything like that because I want to keep a clear head.  We are so close and there will be a time to celebrate but right now is premature.

Enjoy your weekend’s people, if something happens that is worth mentioning I’ll be sure to post it up!

Best wishes.

Labor Day weekend begins

It’s Friday before the long Labor Day weekend.  A lot of people have already left to their destinations this morning.  I noticed traffic was very light when I ran some errands earlier.

The biz is trucking along slowly and surely.  Our first sales rep has already started submitting deals.  He did 2 yesterday which I was happy about because I wasn’t really expecting him to submit anything until next week after the holiday.  We need to figure out a way to get good qualified candidates interested in the job because the last job ad we posted gave us nothing but crap resumes.  We are averaging about 4 or 5 resumes per job posting but the candidates are rarely good.  We are smart enough to know that we aren’t going to waste our time hiring people that aren’t right for the position.  They will quit after 2 weeks and we’ll end up wasting our time.

Other than that, today has been slow thus far.  Yesterday I was busy processing those two deals and getting paperwork submitted, so I know that once we have 5 guys submitting deals every day, I’m going to be very busy.

I’m going to try and hit the gym in about 30 minutes but my back is fucked up!  Yesterday I had an awesome leg workout but I strained my lower back during heavy squats and that shit was killing me last night and this morning.  I popped a couple of Aleve and it feels better, but the pain is definitely there.  I’ve pulled my back before and it was really painful.  I couldn’t walk for a week and was lying on my couch the entire time.  This time it isn’t nearly as bad.  It only hurts when I stand after sitting down, and once I’m standing there is no pain.  Also, if I try to bend over it hurts a bit but that’s it.

Today is chest day so I’ll see how I feel, but if my back starts to give me shit I’m not going to push it.  I need to do cardio as well.  I’ve been lifting weights for 15 yrs(I’m only 28 so over half my life) and it’s amazing how you know how your body responds and reacts to the slightest changes in your diet and training after such a long period of time.  I’ve cleaned up my diet the past week, and it’s only been about 3 or 4 days of eating clean and I’m already leaner and dropped about 5lbs of water.  The water weight was most likely due to the sodium content in all of the processed shit-foods I’ve been eating prior.  I don’t want to lose any strength, but I need to diet some of this fat off.  My lower oblique’s is where I tend to hold all of it so I need to get leaner.

Enjoy your long weekends!  I’m off to the weights!

Friday cup of coffee and weekly wrap-up

Well I must say, this week has been a busy one for me and I’m not complaining at all.  I’m so happy things are in motion and my career is making progress in all avenues.  Although, I am a bit relieved the weekend is here so I can chill out a bit.  I’m still going to have work to do, but it won’t be as involved.

Last night we met with a real estate investor and what he was offering was definitely the real deal.  My only concern was us getting involved in too many different things too soon.  From a business perspective, you generally don’t want to branch out into another area until you’ve got one area running well.  So last night after the meeting I thought of a way for us to do both with minimal effort on our end.  I also figured out a way for us to do it without it interfering with our other business which is good.  From the looks of it, we will most likely get involved with it as soon as possible.  One good thing about it is that it doesn’t require as much effort as our current business.  It is pretty much 1 day of training and that’s it.

With our current business, we are almost ready to hire people.  I’m meeting with my business partner this morning to go over our final draft of our training materials.  Once we agree on everything, I will print up the training packets over the weekend and we will place the job ad online.  Then we begin interviewing and training.

So that pretty much sums up how everything is going on.  I must have had over 10 meetings this week and I still have 1 more this morning so it’s been hectic.  However I rather it be like this then the opposite.

Between our current business idea and this new real estate investment idea, we should be able to easily make 50-100k a month, which is what I want.  If we only were doing the current business and nothing else, those earnings would be unrealistic.  So I like the fact that we are getting involved in something else that will help put us over the top.  Both ideas are going to take several months before the money starts to flow, so I need to be extra tight with my budget until that happens.  The strange thing, and I mentioned this earlier, is that I haven’t been stressing about my budget and not having money nearly as much as I used to.  I’m so focused on these new business ideas and making new money that I don’t even bother worrying about how much money is in my bank account.  To me, that’s a good thing because it means my head is in the right place.

If you are constantly thinking about how broke you are all the time, that’s what you will always be; broke.  Whereas if you are constantly focused on making money and earning that next million, it’s bound to happen sooner than later.  This is the first time I’ve been focused on the right thing in a long time.

If there are any other updates I’ll let you all know, in the meantime enjoy your Fridays and have a wonderful weekend.

Are Friday the 13th’s supposed to be this great?

Everything is going awesome right now.  We signed our contract and are waiting to hear back on a day and time to begin our training.  It will most likely be next Monday or Tuesday.  After we are done we will start training our sales force and set them loose.  I can’t wait to get this thing rocking!

My business partner is going to be out of town with his wife for the weekend.  It’s her birthday so they are going on a trip, but he mentioned he was going to be thinking about this the entire time, lol.  I guess he’s pretty damn excited.

I’m just so happy that we’ve achieved so much in such little time, and in another two weeks we’ll have actual employees underneath us working.  Crazy to think how fast something can just blow up when you have that momentum going in your favor.  This shit is no joke, for real!

As far as how everything else is going, I’m still trying to close that last damn deal for debt settlement and I hope I do because I really need that commission.  After work I’m going to the gym and then I’m just going to relax at my pad and watch some TV, or maybe rent a movie.

This weekend is going to be great just because I’m so thrilled with how my new business is taking off.  I haven’t even been stressing too much about my budget and money issues because I’m so focused on making money with my new venture.  My time at the office is pretty lame though because I’m basically sitting here doing nothing all day, but that’s to be expected.  I know I said earlier that I was upset about being told I need to be out by the end of August but now I think its for the best that I get out of here as soon as possible.  I won’t have to deal with the stress of the “angry silent stares,” and the shit talking that I know goes on behind my back because I’m not producing any business.  Getting the fuck out of here will be good for me.  I haven’t felt comfortable in this office for several months.

Next week when we do our training, I may not even be in my office depending on how long and extensive the training is.  Today I might even leave a little early because I have nothing to do.  When I tell you that I sit her and do nothing, I mean I literally sit here and do NOTHING.  I’m on fuckin Google all day, YouTube, and all these other bullshit sites wasting my time.  The only time I’m being productive is when I’m trying to get something done for my new business.  Right now there is nothing that can be done until after we are trained.

This weekend will be relaxing and I’ll feel good, but I’m sure I’ll be a bit bored because I can’t really go out.  Either way I’m not going to let that bring me down because this is the best I’ve felt in a long fucking time.

Enjoy your Fridays and upcoming weekends people!

So it’s Friday, post reckoning – this is going to be long…

Thanks to those of you who left comments yesterday it was very much appreciated.  I got asked what type of business I’m in and I’ve always made it a point to try and avoid stating that because my blog is meant to be a source of information for all business ventures.  I did not want someone thinking that because I’m in a different industry the issues I was dealing with on a day to day basis wouldn’t apply to them.  That simply is not the truth.

Anyways, it really doesn’t matter anymore, so I’ll let everyone know that I was in the debt settlement business.  This industry really has a bad rap because it surged so fast during the economic downfall.  All of these companies popped up with the hopes of making a quick buck and they ran really shitty operations.  Some of them were telling clients shit on the phone that was just straight WRONG, and then were getting praised by their managers and bosses for closing deals they shouldn’t have been closing in the first place.

I’ve always ran a clean operation and I think it’s partially why it was so hard for me to get this thing to take off.  I never felt comfortable enrolling a client I did not think was a good fit for this service, and I’d actually turn away a decent amount of clients because of this.  Most companies would say/do anything to close a deal and that’s what ultimately led to the industries downfall.  If you start doing shady shit, and a lot of money is being made, eventually there are going to be a lot of complaints, and the federal government is going to get involved.

I always knew the FTC was going to regulate this shit sooner or later so that was never a concern.  I figured it would help weed out the shitty companies and the other business’s like my own would then thrive, however they went about regulation totally wrong and are basically shutting down the industry as a result.

The main issue is that they are regulating the manner in which our companies can collect fees for our service, making it impossible to run a business like this.  There are a lot of upfront costs involved that the FTC didn’t take into account, although I doubt they really care either way.

What’s funny is that there are over 4000 debt settlement companies in the country with a total of 30,000-40,000 employees that are all going to be thrown out on their ass once this law passes.  Damn shame.

So there you have it.

I’ve been keeping really busy today because naturally I have a lot to take are of.  I’m still going to be getting leads and will continue to sell this shit as best I can while I can.  I’m actually getting free live transfers starting next week so I’m looking forward to those and hopefully I’ll close a couple of deals and boost my residual income.  Right now my top priority is to close deals.

I got a lot of other stuff taken care of as well, specifically with my finances.  I cut my cell phone plan to the bar minimum.  I was using it for work emails and all sorts of other shit, but now that I won’t need it for email I went back to the basic plan which saves me $50 a month.  I also canceled my lead management software service because that shit is fuckin $250 a month and I won’t have a need for it anymore.  Before I did that I made sure I downloaded all of my leads and saved them on an excel spreadsheet.  Never know when that data might come in handy.

I made sure to call the bank and to put a stop pay on the automatic payment for that service so they don’t try and draft my account.  Typically they take their payment out at the beginning of every month and my gut was telling me that they’d try to charge me for the month of August, and then cancel my shit, so I went straight to the bank to play it safe.  When I called to cancel the lead management software they told me I have to email support and they will take care of it.  Well I emailed support early this morning and it’s already after 12 and I still haven’t heard shit, so I’m sure they are sitting on it hoping they can get 1 more payment; sorry, that’s not happening.  I definitely need that fucking money.

I also canceled my GoToMypc service I had because it allowed me to access my work computer from home.  Its $20 a month, and I wont have a need for it anymore.  Other then those things its looking like the majority of my savings is going to come from me doing some bargain grocery shopping.  Everything else is cut to the bare minimum.  I don’t have cable, my internet service at home is the slowest plan they offer, etc.

So last night I was obviously making frantic phone calls to anyone I knew to see what they were doing and what was available in terms of work.  I spoke to a couple of friends who really didn’t have anything worthwhile to say other than, “ya bro, times are tough right now.  Not too many companies are hiring.”  Well thanks for the pep talk ya douche!

Then for whatever reason it hit me like a brick to email my old business partner from my very first business venture (my real estate investment company).  I asked him what he was up to and told him we needed to catch up.  He emailed me back his new cell phone number and told me to give him a call.  We ended up talking on the phone for an hour last night and he is getting involved in this new business that seems like it has some really good potential.  So good in fact, that I’ve already bought a website URL, and having been working on a website to launch to help with this.  My goal is to get the website up by the end of the weekend and I’ve been working on it all day today.

The good thing about what he was talking about is that a lot of people don’t know about it yet and it’s fairly new so we’d be getting in on the ground level; which is what you need to do with business.  If I had started my debt settlement company 5 years ago I’d be swimming in dough, but since I couldn’t start until later on, I ran out of time.  Also, the program being offered is much more positive and you are genuinely helping people, so referral business is probably huge.  With debt relief, no one wants to talk about or admit they have a debt problem, so you never got referral business.

Anyways, he told me to call him next week and we’d get together for lunch and talk about things in more detail.  He admitted that he needed to gather more info before we sat down and talked about things.

I want to get the website up and running for a number of reasons.  The first is I want him to be like “holy shit, you got a site up already?!”  I want him to know that there is no tomorrow and we need to get rocking with this shit NOW.  I also want to show him that I’m fucking serious and not wasting any damn time.  Lastly, it will probably light a fire under his ass to get moving as well.  This is the type of thing that can make a decent amount of money relatively quickly, and a large amount of money down the road.  We are just going to have to figure out how to generate leads and take it from there.  It seems like an easy sell if you have a qualified prospect, but you have to get those qualified prospects on the phone.

Today I had the chance to talk to an old college buddy of mine and it was really good to catch up with him.  He just broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years whom he was living with so he was feeling kind of down.  I let him bitch about his situation, then I bitched about my situation and so on.  It was definitely good to vent for the both of us.  Hang in there buddy, you’ll be alright.

So that’s everything that has happened in the last 24 hours which has flown by in the blink of an eye.  Next week I’ll meet my old business partner for lunch and update you all more on that business venture.  In the meantime it’s all about living on a budget, closing the deals I can get closed, and finishing the website.

Lastly, I need to change my goals on my “goal” page.  Obviously the goals I have posted are irrelevant now so they need to be rewritten.

Thank you all for your support and I hope this is the beginning of bigger and better things for me!

Another week goes by, another Friday arrives

And I still have nothing to report.  Fucking wonderful!  Adwords is driving traffic to my site but I’m burning through my daily budget pretty fast and it still isn’t generating leads.  I made some new ads but Google fucking sucks with their response time when it comes to ad approval.  Text ads get approved almost instantly, and banner ads can take several days.  It really is a flawed system when it comes to this because it fucks up marketing significantly when you have to wait several days before running a new test or trial.

So I’ve already burned through my marketing budget for the day and am just sitting here.  I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on dialing in your adwords campaign and I’m learning a lot, but until I get some damn conversions there isn’t much I can do other then tweak my keywords and tweak my banner ads until I get something that hits.

Once ads start converting then I can run reports and narrow things down that way so I’m not wasting marketing dollars on poor performing ads or keywords.

I’m sick of being broke, sick of eating shit food, sick of sitting at the office all day with nothing to show for it.  This shit fucking sucks.  I keep telling myself that if I drive the traffic to my pages, they will convert, but I need to be able to do it cost effectively.

If my landing page only converts 1% of visitors into actual leads, that’s fucking garbage and I’m better off just buying leads.  I need my landing page to convert 6-10% of its visitors into leads for adwords to be of any benefit to me.  If it’s much lower then that, then I need to find a much cheaper way of driving traffic to these pages.

Email marketing is a fucking loss at this point.  I think the second test is complete but I have not gotten a call or email from my email guy and I sent him an email this morning with no response.  Once this trial is completely over I’m going to tell him to fucking kiss my ass.  The lack of results isn’t even what pisses me off, it’s his unavailability and stupidity that does.  I’m trying to run a business here and this cocksucker doesn’t return emails or phone calls to save his life.

I’ll continue to test this weekend if my new ads get approved otherwise I’ll have nothing to do.  Enjoy your weekends.

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