Well today is slow at work so…

Might as well blog!

The month is about to be wrapped up and things went well.  I’m not sure how many deals I’m going to officially finish with but I do know that it’s a hell of a lot more than my employer was expecting.  When talking to my business partner he told me; “they would have been happy if you closed a couple of deals your first month, let alone 10.”  Well, I’m not at 10, but am pretty damn close.

Next month will be my break out month and the goal is 16-20 minimum.  I know I’m capable of this and am looking forward to completely blowing them away and turning some heads.  They were apprehensive about hiring me in the beginning because I am the youngest sales guy they’ve ever hired.  Originally they only hired older sales guys because they didn’t think a younger guy could handle the job.  Well I’m proving them wrong.  🙂

So the plan is to have a kick ass month along with my business partner.  If we can bring in 30+ deals between the two of us, we are then planning on scheduling a sitdown with the principles in the company the month after to “talk business.”  Ideally we want to do our own thing, but we also have some options we can present to them.  Ultimately, they all will require an increase in commission.

If they go for it, then the big bucks will come, however it depends on which option they select that will seal our fate.  If they say; “go fuck yourselves,” then I’ll continue to work for them and half ass it while I look for the next big thing on the side.  I really don’t think they’ll do that though; they’ve shown they want the business.  If they select one of the two remaining options that we are thinking about presenting to them, we can be in a position to earn 20k a month individually(which is ok I guess) or 50k-100k(the goal obviously).

It all comes down to them and where they want to be as a company.  I cannot change their vision, I can only offer options to help get them to where they want to be while making sure I’m compensated as highly as possible for my efforts.  20k isn’t that great but at this point I’ll take it and run with it.  I already have some investment ideas in place should that end up being the final result.

The perfect scenario would be for us to be able to run our own office and build their sales force with employees underneath us closing deals.  We would get an override on all the business they submit and ramp things up full blast.

Aside from work life is good.  No complaints even though I’m bored as hell because I can’t go out.  I’ve just been working out in the morning and renting movies at night.  Simple life, I know, but I honestly don’t mind.  However, I do get cabin fever sometimes and I can’t wait until I have some money to be able to go out once in a while.

So if we meet in September, what they say will most likely affect my decision to move to California.  Because if they give us the green light, I can’t go anywhere since my business partner lives here and we would be opening the office together.  If they don’t do it, then I can work from anywhere and moving isn’t as big of a deal.  One thing I need to do before I move is buy a car, so that might delay things a little.  I’d like to have a newer car paid off in full(cash purchase) and a nice chunk of change in my savings account before relocating.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Enjoy your weekends people.  Be safe!


We’re getting closer…

Well this month, my post volume has been down significantly because I’ve been busy as hell with work.  I had an awesome week last week and I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going into this upcoming week.  As of right now, I feel as though I can get 10 deals for the month; we shall see.

My business partner is also kicking ass and it looks like he’s going to set a new company record if he keeps at the same pace.  This is good for the both of us because it will give us more “clout” when it comes time to negotiate.  I know the owners of the company were maybe expecting me to drop 4-5 deals my first month, but if I can finish with double digits and beat their other sales employee(who’s been with the company 3 yrs) I know I’ll turn some heads.

In regards to getting our own marketing figured out; we haven’t yet, but we are getting closer.  That really is the only missing piece of the puzzle at this point because if we get that working, my goal of becoming a millionaire is within my grasp.  Right now as a regular sales rep it won’t happen.  However if I can generate my own leads and build a legitimate sales force, I’ll have a chance.  At this point, I can’t ask for much more.

I’ve also posted in the past about my desire to move to California, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  I think it may be time to seriously make a decision or to stay fucking put.  Last year I was 100% gung-ho about moving, now it’s more like 50/50.  I really need to take some trips out there and see how I feel while I’m visiting certain areas.  There are a few factors I need to keep in mind.  I need a new car before I move.  My car now has a shitload of miles on it and it’s on its last breath.  Also, moving costs money and is expensive.  I was thinking I’d be able to at the end of the year when my lease is up, but I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation at this point.  Maybe the first quarter of 2012 I’ll be ready.  Lastly, if everything goes well with work and we start building a sales force locally, there is no way in hell I can leave.  I can build the sales force in California if I want, but if things progress more rapidly than anticipated, then it looks like I’ll be stuck here.

The good news is that if I am stuck, I know I’ll be happier because I’ll be running a growing and thriving business.

So this week the goal is to finish the month off strong and experiment with some new marketing techniques to see if we can find that home run.  The last few things we tried just didn’t produce the results we were hoping for.  Again, I’ll be busy, but I’ll do my best to post a monthly wrap-up at the end of next week.

Off to the gym I go!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday’s!

Keeping up with your blog is hard when your life is boring

I seriously have nothing to talk about.  Every weekend I rent movies from Redbox because I’m too broke to go out anywhere, and aside from working and going to the gym; I never leave my apartment.  Sounds fun huh?

On a brighter note, I started closing deals last week and am expecting more this upcoming week.  I’m motivated to make money because I fucking have too, and because it’s necessary in order to convince the owners of the company I know what the fuck I’m doing and what I’m talking about.  They will not accept any proposal from me unless I show I can produce some business first.  The same goes for my business partner.

I met with him yesterday for a cup of coffee and there was a week or so when I was really upset at him and myself.  The main reason being that we didn’t seem to have any set direction or plan.  We were simply employee’s working for some company and we lost sight of our ultimate goal/vision; which is to become our own separate sales and marketing entity that sends them business.  After our meeting yesterday I feel as though we’re back on track.

We opted to put the affiliate network on hold and are attempting another marketing test this week which will hopefully generate good quality leads.  As of right now we need to be able to generate our own leads effectively so that we can show; “75% of my deals came from my own generated leads, not the companies.  We need to talk about my commission.”

First step is production both on my end as well as my business partners; in conjunction with lead generation.  When we have those 2 pieces of the puzzle we can move forward with our plan.  Hopefully this new thing we’re trying shows some results quickly.

After closing my first few deals it’s apparent to me that there is a ton of money to be made in this but the commission is definitely too low.  Also, the company doesn’t seem to have the ability to produce enough leads for me to make a lot of money.  They will produce enough to earn a decent living, but not enough to earn 500k-1mil a year.  I’m going to have to figure that out on my own.

Updates to come, but I’ve been busy working and not much has happened.  I will say that I’m on the right path, it’s just a matter of whether this path leads me to millions a year or to 100k a year.  I’m going to do my damn best to steer it towards the millions but there are few factors that are out of my control.


Happy 4th of July!

Well things are progressing forward and work has been going well.  Last week was my first full week of work and I was able to generate a good amount of action.  I’ve been in sales long enough to know that when you are busy, like the way I was, then the money will ultimately follow.  I’m hoping to get my first few closings this week and to continue sending out documentation.

I also came up with a great idea on how to generate our own leads/sales and we are going to implement the plan this week.  First stage is on Tuesday, which is ultimately a recruitment process; and the goal is to get 10-20 people to attend a training seminar which we will hold on Friday or Saturday.  I’ll keep you all updated on that as well.

The good thing about this lead/sales generation technique is that it’s absolutely free and its scalable; so we can really ramp things up quickly if it works.  Right now our plan is for both me and my business partner to have a big July production wise.  At that point we know we will grab the attention of our current boss, and that’s when the negotiation process will begin.  If we can get this setup for sometime in August, that would be fantastic.

Today we were closed at work so I slept in a bit and worked out, now I’m home just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, my hell of waking up at 4am starts all over again.  I just have to stay focussed and hit the phones hard and I know the money will flow.  The exciting thing is our own lead generation; which will ultimately lead to the big score we’ve been after for so long.  Right now, the goal of me earning my first million by the time I turn 30 is a very unlikely scenario, but I can certainly be heading in the right direction within the next several months and put myself on a path of getting it done within a year or 2.

In general I just need to start earning some money again so I can start taking some trips to california like I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now.  I need to check out a few different areas to see if I really want to move out there.

So there’s your quick update.  I’ll be posting July goals after I’m done with this, and will continue pressing forward.  Obviously, when that home run is hit, you all will be the first to know.

Best wishes.

First day on the new job; Energy Drink Crack! aka Adderall replacement

First thing I want to say is if you don’t have a high tolerance for stimulants, DO NOT do this.  It will make you jittery and you’ll probably have a panic attack if you aren’t used to it.  I have a super high tolerance and have taken Adderall in the past to help me stay focussed.  Since I don’t have Adderall anymore this is my “makeshift” replacement.

You take an energy drink(whatever kind you like), in this case I took a sugar-free Rockstar, and you pour in a 5 hr energy and mix it up.  I’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube doing this with Redbull and they mix in pop-rocks candy and other shit, but I tweaked it a bit for my purposes.  I also took an energy pill prior to drinking this and I definitely feel it now.

Anyways, it’s my first official day working for this new company.  I’ll probably get on the phone later today and started training yesterday.  I’m still waiting on a contract before I get started.  In talking to one of my managers yesterday he said they really have high hopes for me and think I can shatter previous production records.  I’m up to the challenge and am really looking forward to it.  This is the first step of our larger plan and I’m happy to see things progressing.

As of right now, I need to start producing with their leads and we have a test ad running tomorrow to try to generate our own leads.  We are also running another test on Monday, and hopefully we get some action between the two.  Today is going to be a long day for me, and I’m also going to be working on weekends so it’s time to step my game up.  I need to earn some fucking money, it’s been way to long.

It feels great to at least know that I will be able to earn a living from now on.  The big score won’t come until we get our own marketing figured out and can negotiate and increased commission but until that point if I just work hard I should be able to make more than enough to cover my living expenses and save some money.  My life style is extremely modest so I don’t need much.

This really is the beginning of a new chapter and I’m looking forward to it.  My life is about to change for the better and I think this thing is going to be big.

That’s it for now.  My official work day starts at 9am.  More updates to come!

My blog is boring, just like my life

I mean, how many times can I write about the same shit?  Marketing, work, business, blah blah blah…  I need to figure out a way to spice up my life because I’m fuckin’ lame as hell!

Work:  It’s looking like I got a job working for the same company my business partner is currently working for.  It’s the business we ultimately plan on taking over with our marketing efforts but I had to get hired first.  After a few phone interviews they offered me a position and said they want me to start tomorrow; however I still need to fill out a contract/paperwork and all of that shit.

Marketing:  We haven’t been doing much because I’m broke as hell and had to stop spending until I knew I had some work.  I have a job now but am not sure how long it will take me to start seeing money.  I’m not overly concerned about it and know it will happen quick, but until it does I have to minimize spending significantly.  We are running an ad in the Wall Street Journal this weekend just for shitz n’ gigglez.  I’ll let you know what happens.  The last newspaper ad we ran in the local paper was a complete disaster.  Hopefully this one is different.  My business partner will have some money to spend on marketing towards the end of the month so if we find something that works he is willing to spend some cash.  We shall see…

Gym:  I’ve been working out at 5:30am and waking up at 4:30am.  Yes, no bullshit.  I did it all last week and have been going strong this week with my new schedule.  I decided to do it because I knew if I got this job, I’d have to be available during the day to field calls.  Furthermore, after a full day of work I knew I would not want to go workout so I had to get it done in the morning.  It’s a huge lifestyle adjustment, but I’m loving it.  I just hate going to bed by 9:30pm every night.  I feel like I’m fuckin 10 again.

Life:  I have none.  Especially now with my new schedule and needing to go to bed early.  Combine that with not having money to “play” and you got yourself one pathetic son of a bitch = me.  Weekends are spent renting movies and just relaxing, but it should all change soon.  Absolute worst case scenario if our marketing efforts don’t work, I at least have a job and that job should pay more than well enough to cover my living expenses and then some.  Stressing about money should no longer be an issue; I cant wait!

Miscellaneous:  We NEED to figure out our fucking marketing if this is ever going to be anything big.  If we do then we really can run with this and make a lot of money and that’s what excites me; the potential.  We just need the company we are working with to get their shit together.  They seem to be having some administrative issues along with marketing issues.  The marketing we can fix, the administrative we can not.  If they are unable to get their shit together they are lighting a match to a winning lottery ticket because they have a multi-million dollar idea and it’s in a niche that no one is working right now.

I got nothing else to say.  Peace.

Monday starts the beginning of a much better life

It’s Sunday night and I’m going to bed after I post this.  The newspaper ad didn’t work out as well as we had planned.  We only got 1 legitimate prospect from it and 2 calls, which is a terrible response.  I immediately figured that it had to be a result of limited exposure.  This local paper we ran it in only had 29k subscribers; not nearly enough to generate a response.  We had done some advertising with the Wall Street Journal in the past and the response rate was usually pretty damn good.  On average we would get 10-20 calls per ad we ran, but that was hitting millions of subscribers.

What I’ve decided to do is run an ad in USA today for this upcoming weekend and it’s on my list of things to get done tomorrow (Monday).

My schedule and life is about to change drastically in the next 6 or so hours.  Humans are creatures of habit and creating a new habit takes some time but once it’s done, it’s well worth it.  Some studies say it takes 14 days, some 21 and some 4+weeks, but the bottom line is that once you commit yourself to something, it doesn’t take long for you to mentally and physically adapt.  That has to be my though process for the remainder of June going into July and throughout the rest of the year.

This week I should be getting confirmation as far as my job is concerned and will hopefully start training and taking leads by the end of the week, or early next week the latest.  They will be the piss-poor leads that my business partner has been taking but he said they are good enough to at least earn a living while we get the kinks worked out of our marketing.  Regardless, it will be nice to start earning some money again and I’m flat broke so it’s not like I have a choice anyways.  We need to get our marketing down if we want to turn this into something big.  There is simply no other way.  We cannot be reliant on this company to provide us with enough leads to keep our pockets full and even if we could rely on them, you never want to allow someone else to have 100% control over your financial future.  If they are providing the leads they are in control; if we are providing the leads, we are in control.  Simple…

I’m bringing this up because my schedule has been somewhat consistent for the last 8-10 months since I shut down my debt settlement company.  I get up around 7am, eat breakfast, and take care of business until about 10am.  From there I go workout, come back and eat lunch, and basically work until 8pm or later depending on what needs to be done.  I won’t be able to work that schedule anymore and it’s going to be a big adjustment once I start taking leads.

I’m going to have to work out early mornings, which is a pain in the fucking ass.  I’ve done it before but typically it didn’t last longer than a few months.  One thing I do know is that if I have no other choice, then I WILL get up early and workout and that’s the situation right now.  I’m going to have to get up around 4:30am to be at the gym for 5-5:30am.  The reason being is that I will have to be home and able to take calls and work until 6pm or later and cannot be taking breaks during the middle of the day.  I know I won’t go workout after working all day long so my only option is to work out before I begin my work day.

I just have to keep in mind that this is all part of a bigger plan and it will all pay off in the future.  So right now, these are my more immediate

1)     Start working for this company and working their leads and learning their system.  Also start closing deals and earning money with their leads as well as our own within the next 2 weeks.

2)     Continue test marketing and fine tune our direct mail pieces along with Google Adwords and newspaper ads.  Start generating 10-20 good leads for each of
us on a weekly basis and start closing them.  Get this done in the next 2 weeks.

3)     After the 4th of July holiday weekend have a much better handle on our marketing and our ability to ramp things up, at this point in time schedule a meeting with the head of the company about getting a larger commission split on our leads.

4)      By the end of July start looking into office spaces and be generating enough leads that we no longer need the company’s leads and can work strictly off our own.

These are pretty much the same things I’ve mentioned in my “Goals” page but I wanted to rewrite them again with some more detail.  They are lofty; however I know from experience that once you get your marketing down, companies can explode seemingly overnight.  I think the USA today ad is going to be a game changer along with some of these new mailers hitting this week and my learning of Google Adwords.  Things are looking up and I’m getting excited as I type this but I honestly think the biggest hurdle is going to be just changing my overall routine and lifestyle.  Getting up super early is going to be rough but it’s something that has to be done.  I know myself and I know that I will not work out after I’ve been working my ass off all day, I’ll be way too tired.

So the coffee maker is set to start brewing at 4:30am and I need to go to bed if I want to get up so I’ll be sure to update later this week on what’s going on.  I’m anxious to get on the phone and to start making some money again.  It’s been way too long.


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