So it’s all coming together…

My home office is starting to look nice!  I received my new computer from Dell yesterday and set this bad boy up.  The thing is a beast and I’m glad I bought it.  Since it’s financed I can buy myself some time until our business starts generating some income which is nice.  I also rearranged my desk so now I have two separate work stations verses 1 big one.  I like this setup much more because it opens up my room, gives me a lot more space and it keeps my current employer separate from my own company.

Here’s a picture of my old setup, complete with lazy cat and all!

As you can see it’s cluttered with shit but that’s because I actually work my ass off and am quite busy throughout the day.  The desk isn’t just there to look pretty, I spend my entire day sitting right there.  Anyways, I broke down that desk into two smaller desks and placed them at opposite ends of my room so I have two separate work stations now.

I also upgraded my internet connection to the fastest speed that’s currently available and that should be up and running on Monday.  We are still waiting on a few final things from our business partner and we should be ready to start selling.  I’m fired up and ready to close that first deal; then from there, the sky’s the limit!

Things have been getting pretty bad with my current employer anyways so its perfect timing that we break free.  I just hope I can continue earning a living with them until the new gig takes off.  It’s been extremely slow and leads are practically nonexistent.  Also, management just doesn’t seem to give a fuck anymore.  The customer service is a damn joke and nothing gets done.  I’m fed up dealing with their bullshit and am just trying to close deals so I get paid.  As of right now I’m on pace for 10-12 deals this month.  It would be nice if I hit 12 because I would qualify for bonus and that’s another $1,000.00 in my pocket but since leads have been so slow I don’t know where these deals will come from.  We’ll see what happens next week.

Right now its saturday night and I’m sitting here typing next to my open screen door.  Enjoying a nice breeze and thinking about how much better my life will become when my business takes off.  I’m so fucking confident it’s not even funny.

So tomorrow I’m just going to relax and watch football.  I’ll go to the gym earlier in the morning and take it easy the rest of the day.  It would be nice if we could start next week but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Right now it’s looking like November 1st will be our official launch date.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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