1 month later – big things poppin

A lot of good shit has been going down and it’s definately shit that’s worth writing about.  I just haven’t been inspired to write lately.  I don’t know what my deal is, but sometimes you get so caught up with other aspects of what’s going on that blogging isn’t on the top of your priority list.

To summarize, I’m starting my own company with my business partner, and we partner up with an attorney.  We’ve met with him twice already and have already negotiated our split.  We are all equal partners and the goal is to start selling for our company in October.  Obviously this is very exciting news, however there is one downside.

August was an absolute trainwreck with my current employer and I barely produced any business.  They basically told me this month I need to hit my numbers or I’m fucking done.  They gave me a mark to hit by mid month, which I’ve already hit, but I still need to finish with 12 deals before the end of September or I’m out of a job.  I really need to keep this job until I’m ready to leave so I do not like being in this position.  I’m saving every dollar I can while I can so I have some living expenses if shit hits the fan, but I’m praying it doesn’t.  Starting the new company is exciting stuff, but I know we won’t see money right away, and I need to have a good amount saved before I can fully commit.  If I could get 10k in the bank that would be great, but that isn’t going to happen if I get fired at the end of September.

Things have been stressful and exciting for those reasons and with the way things are progressing, I just want to hold onto my job until October – November if possible.  I think at that point I’ll be ready to quit on my own.

Anyways, we have another follow up meeting with the attorney this upcomming Thursday and things are moving forward in a timely fashion.  We are definately on to something and I always felt as though; “damn this is a good idea and we can make a lot of money,” but once we sat down with the attorney for the first time and explained to him what we wanted to do, I KNEW we were on to something.  He immediately said; “I’m interested, lets do this.”

Me and my business partner knew it was a good idea, but we’ve had other ideas in the past that we felt were good and never amounted to anything.  The fact that a complete stranger/third party was instantly turned on by what we are doing definately gave me more confidence.

Goals are updated and I’ll try to do better with blog posts but its been hard.  Peace.

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