Well today is slow at work so…

Might as well blog!

The month is about to be wrapped up and things went well.  I’m not sure how many deals I’m going to officially finish with but I do know that it’s a hell of a lot more than my employer was expecting.  When talking to my business partner he told me; “they would have been happy if you closed a couple of deals your first month, let alone 10.”  Well, I’m not at 10, but am pretty damn close.

Next month will be my break out month and the goal is 16-20 minimum.  I know I’m capable of this and am looking forward to completely blowing them away and turning some heads.  They were apprehensive about hiring me in the beginning because I am the youngest sales guy they’ve ever hired.  Originally they only hired older sales guys because they didn’t think a younger guy could handle the job.  Well I’m proving them wrong.  🙂

So the plan is to have a kick ass month along with my business partner.  If we can bring in 30+ deals between the two of us, we are then planning on scheduling a sitdown with the principles in the company the month after to “talk business.”  Ideally we want to do our own thing, but we also have some options we can present to them.  Ultimately, they all will require an increase in commission.

If they go for it, then the big bucks will come, however it depends on which option they select that will seal our fate.  If they say; “go fuck yourselves,” then I’ll continue to work for them and half ass it while I look for the next big thing on the side.  I really don’t think they’ll do that though; they’ve shown they want the business.  If they select one of the two remaining options that we are thinking about presenting to them, we can be in a position to earn 20k a month individually(which is ok I guess) or 50k-100k(the goal obviously).

It all comes down to them and where they want to be as a company.  I cannot change their vision, I can only offer options to help get them to where they want to be while making sure I’m compensated as highly as possible for my efforts.  20k isn’t that great but at this point I’ll take it and run with it.  I already have some investment ideas in place should that end up being the final result.

The perfect scenario would be for us to be able to run our own office and build their sales force with employees underneath us closing deals.  We would get an override on all the business they submit and ramp things up full blast.

Aside from work life is good.  No complaints even though I’m bored as hell because I can’t go out.  I’ve just been working out in the morning and renting movies at night.  Simple life, I know, but I honestly don’t mind.  However, I do get cabin fever sometimes and I can’t wait until I have some money to be able to go out once in a while.

So if we meet in September, what they say will most likely affect my decision to move to California.  Because if they give us the green light, I can’t go anywhere since my business partner lives here and we would be opening the office together.  If they don’t do it, then I can work from anywhere and moving isn’t as big of a deal.  One thing I need to do before I move is buy a car, so that might delay things a little.  I’d like to have a newer car paid off in full(cash purchase) and a nice chunk of change in my savings account before relocating.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Enjoy your weekends people.  Be safe!

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