Happy 4th of July!

Well things are progressing forward and work has been going well.  Last week was my first full week of work and I was able to generate a good amount of action.  I’ve been in sales long enough to know that when you are busy, like the way I was, then the money will ultimately follow.  I’m hoping to get my first few closings this week and to continue sending out documentation.

I also came up with a great idea on how to generate our own leads/sales and we are going to implement the plan this week.  First stage is on Tuesday, which is ultimately a recruitment process; and the goal is to get 10-20 people to attend a training seminar which we will hold on Friday or Saturday.  I’ll keep you all updated on that as well.

The good thing about this lead/sales generation technique is that it’s absolutely free and its scalable; so we can really ramp things up quickly if it works.  Right now our plan is for both me and my business partner to have a big July production wise.  At that point we know we will grab the attention of our current boss, and that’s when the negotiation process will begin.  If we can get this setup for sometime in August, that would be fantastic.

Today we were closed at work so I slept in a bit and worked out, now I’m home just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, my hell of waking up at 4am starts all over again.  I just have to stay focussed and hit the phones hard and I know the money will flow.  The exciting thing is our own lead generation; which will ultimately lead to the big score we’ve been after for so long.  Right now, the goal of me earning my first million by the time I turn 30 is a very unlikely scenario, but I can certainly be heading in the right direction within the next several months and put myself on a path of getting it done within a year or 2.

In general I just need to start earning some money again so I can start taking some trips to california like I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now.  I need to check out a few different areas to see if I really want to move out there.

So there’s your quick update.  I’ll be posting July goals after I’m done with this, and will continue pressing forward.  Obviously, when that home run is hit, you all will be the first to know.

Best wishes.

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