My blog is boring, just like my life

I mean, how many times can I write about the same shit?  Marketing, work, business, blah blah blah…  I need to figure out a way to spice up my life because I’m fuckin’ lame as hell!

Work:  It’s looking like I got a job working for the same company my business partner is currently working for.  It’s the business we ultimately plan on taking over with our marketing efforts but I had to get hired first.  After a few phone interviews they offered me a position and said they want me to start tomorrow; however I still need to fill out a contract/paperwork and all of that shit.

Marketing:  We haven’t been doing much because I’m broke as hell and had to stop spending until I knew I had some work.  I have a job now but am not sure how long it will take me to start seeing money.  I’m not overly concerned about it and know it will happen quick, but until it does I have to minimize spending significantly.  We are running an ad in the Wall Street Journal this weekend just for shitz n’ gigglez.  I’ll let you know what happens.  The last newspaper ad we ran in the local paper was a complete disaster.  Hopefully this one is different.  My business partner will have some money to spend on marketing towards the end of the month so if we find something that works he is willing to spend some cash.  We shall see…

Gym:  I’ve been working out at 5:30am and waking up at 4:30am.  Yes, no bullshit.  I did it all last week and have been going strong this week with my new schedule.  I decided to do it because I knew if I got this job, I’d have to be available during the day to field calls.  Furthermore, after a full day of work I knew I would not want to go workout so I had to get it done in the morning.  It’s a huge lifestyle adjustment, but I’m loving it.  I just hate going to bed by 9:30pm every night.  I feel like I’m fuckin 10 again.

Life:  I have none.  Especially now with my new schedule and needing to go to bed early.  Combine that with not having money to “play” and you got yourself one pathetic son of a bitch = me.  Weekends are spent renting movies and just relaxing, but it should all change soon.  Absolute worst case scenario if our marketing efforts don’t work, I at least have a job and that job should pay more than well enough to cover my living expenses and then some.  Stressing about money should no longer be an issue; I cant wait!

Miscellaneous:  We NEED to figure out our fucking marketing if this is ever going to be anything big.  If we do then we really can run with this and make a lot of money and that’s what excites me; the potential.  We just need the company we are working with to get their shit together.  They seem to be having some administrative issues along with marketing issues.  The marketing we can fix, the administrative we can not.  If they are unable to get their shit together they are lighting a match to a winning lottery ticket because they have a multi-million dollar idea and it’s in a niche that no one is working right now.

I got nothing else to say.  Peace.

  1. Marketing is not boring. Just put a unique twist to you you usually say and make it conversational to interest others. Remember: It’s all about community.

  2. I love your sense of humor and profanity. I hope I can mirror what you said in work because I want to do the same thing.

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