You can never lose faith in yourself, EVER

There is a clip on YouTube of Will Smith being interviewed in regards to achieving his goals and other aspirations.  He said the first step in anyone’s ability to achieve their dreams is that they have to believe they can.  Everyone else doesn’t matter, if you don’t truly believe, you’ll never achieve.

This week has been interesting thus far.  The direct mail campaign that we ran was completely fucked because none of the information imported onto the mail pieces.  The company tried saying it was my fault, when it wasn’t; the system they use is fucked.  So I had the pleasure of disputing the charge on my card and they can go fuck themselves.  The unfortunate thing is I would have used them repeatedly had they made good on the order.  Now I won’t be using them at all.

Just goes to show how fucking stupid some people/companies are.  Moving on…

The Google AdWords campaign I’ve been running has been generating the occasional lead which I think is incredible.  So far I generated 3 leads.  Not great, but its a fucking miracle in comparison to the results I got from my landing page experiences with my debt settlement company.  I think I spent thousands on driving traffic to those pages with 0 results.  It was fucking pathetic and I think it comes down to the fact that the competition was just out of control in that industry.  With the thing we are doing now it’s not nearly as bad so even an idiot like me can generate a lead or two. 🙂

The newspaper ad is confirmed and hits on Saturday and it looks really good.  I’m stoked to see how it does.  It’s a 1/4 page ad, so its big.  The only issue is that it’s in a smaller local version of the main paper in town so I’m not sure the type of response it will get.  There are only 27K+ subscribers so it’s a fairly limited production.  We’ll know this weekend so there is no point in me over analysing it.

The company we are working with also has some back-end issues they definitely need to correct and my business partner is planning on having a call with one of the head guys tomorrow about it.  I’m confident in our ability to market and generate leads/business but they need to get their shit together before we do that.

I’m pissed our mass mailing was fucked because we cannot even use the piss-poor results as the true figures for that particular campaign’s return.  The only way would be to run another mailing, but since the company that provided the mailing isn’t being reasonable, we’ll have to do a different type of mailing to that list, or use another company’s post card mailing system which means more money needs to be spent.

Right now, I’m not going to do anything with that until after our newspaper ad hits so we can see what happens there.

So in summary, things are progressing but not fast enough.  We are generating leads but not nearly enough and the leads we have been generating aren’t converting yet.  All of these things can be corrected with the testing and tweaking of our marketing campaigns.  Lastly, the back-end company needs to show some improvement or we got some bigger problems to deal with.


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