Fat cat on my lap and business crap :)



There he is ladies and gentlemen, after over a year of writing on my blog you finally get to meet my fat cat Shadow.  He take’s laziness to a whole new level and is the only family I have in Arizona.  I adopted him when I first moved out here 6 years ago.  When I’m typing for my blog or just doing work in general he is usually taking a nap on my mini-fridge.  Seems to be his new favorite spot since I brought it from my old office a year ago.  So everyone say hello to Shadow; and be nice!  I know he’s a bit husky, but he’s happy so fuck off.

So I was hoping I’d have more feedback after our mass mailer hit and I don’t have anything.  The first day of it hitting was today and we didn’t get much action.  1 person submitted their info on our landing page, and we got 1 phone call, however both were from previous mailers.  The delivery on this mass mail campaign is typically 2-4 days and today was day “2,” so more will hit over the weekend and into Monday.  I just hope it generates some fucking leads because we need them badly.

I spoke to my business partner and he is going to try to hook me up with the job he is doing now while we get our own marketing ramped up.  He is closing deals even with the company provided shitty leads which is good because at least we can both earn a living while we work on perfecting our own marketing.  It will definitely relieve some stress to have some steady cashflow coming in.

What we are ultimately going to have to do is close their leads along with our’s, however on ours we will need to payout a bigger commission because of the costs to generate them.  Then once it gets to a point where our leads are coming in consistently and are of good quality, we will slowly wean ourselves off of their’s and focus strictly on ours.  I wish I could just slam my business partner with good leads right now but this is experimental for us and it does cost money to generate these fuckers so we really don’t have a choice at the moment.  We can make good money just selling their leads but in order for us to make the big bucks(50-100k) a month we’ll eventually have to be generating our own 100% of the time.  Also, they don’t seem as though they could generate enough for us anyways, even if they were excellent quality; which they are not.  If you can’t give me a lot of leads I will only be able to make a certain amount of money; this is why we need to generate our own.

I’m not really sure what to expect over the weekend but one thing I’ve learned is that the response is never immediate with these mail pieces.  Calls tend to trickle in over a certain period of time, which is why you have to keep sending them out even if you aren’t getting calls.  Keeping that pipeline full is crucial.

I also developed, what I feel to be, a much more effective mail piece and those started going out yesterday.  I’m going to continue to send those from now on and see what happens there.

Aside from our direct mail campaigns, I’m working with google adwords trying to get some leads there.  As always, that’s a royal pain in the ass and I just hope I can generate a few leads and figure out how to do it before my free credit is up.  One thing I won’t do is pay for google advertising out of my own pocket.  You’ll go broke faster than MC Hammer doing that shit.  If I ever do it again in the future, I’ll have money to spend and I’ll hire a professional to do it with a set budget.

So that’s work shit.  Tomorrow I’m sitting down with my business partner for a meeting in the morning and the remainder of the weekend will be low-key.  I’m not spending money because I don’t have it and I plan on working on my adwords campaign the entire time anyways.  Tonight I’ll chill out and watch some TV before hitting the sack.

Enjoy your weekends peeps.


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