1 week later still no definitive answer

I should be more optimistic today considering everything that happened last week was positive.  My business partner was able to determine that the company we are planning on hooking up with, has absolutely no idea how to market or generate leads, so they are basically fucked.  This is good for us because if we can get our shit together, swooping in and taking over wont be an issue.  Everything is up and running and i spent all of last week doing our test direct mail campaign.  We haven’t gotten any calls or action on our landing page and we both felt as though it had to be because of the holiday weekend.  A lot of people go away for memorial day or simply don’t want to deal with anything pertaining to work/business these past few days.  A total of 365 mailers went out and I’m hoping that tomorrow we start to get some calls.  I know it’s not a large sample but these are special types of mailers that generally get a good response so we just wanted to see what type of reaction we’d get.  We sent out something similar with a 6% response which is pretty damn good for a direct mail piece.  If I can get 5%+ with this I’ll be happy.

So depending on how tomorrow works out, I’ll need to make the decision to do another mass mailing to try to generate calls.  It’s a different type of marketing and the response typically isn’t as good, usually it’s around 2.5%.  However i can send out 1000 at a time and its completely automated so I’m not sitting around for hours a day stuffing envelopes.  It may be needed right now just to get the phone ringing and get my business partner’s pipeline built.

Here’s the situation; if I can get his phone ringing and generate good quality leads that convert to business, this is a home run and we can make a boatload of money.  The issue is that I basically have no money right now, so i can only afford to do 1 or 2 tests before I’m tapped out.  My business partner is broke as well, and he’s already told me that the companies existing marketing is so fucked that it doesn’t even look like he would be able to earn any money via the leads they provide him with.

Sucks; I know, but we are close and I just need to get his damn phone ringing with good prospects by methods that don’t cost a lot of money.

I’ll update more this week and hopefully by then I’ll have some feedback on whats going on.  Memorial day weekend was ok, but it was hard for me to really enjoy it with this in the back of my mind the entire time.

More to come later.

  1. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

    • you’re right. it was a shitty post. i try to write something at least once a week even if i have nothing to say. perfect example right there!

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