Weekend Wrap-Up; Sunday night boredom

I had a busy weekend.  If you read my last post, I mentioned we are getting involved in a new niche market and are going to run some test marketing campaigns of our own to generate leads.  Part of this involves developing a website/landing page to capture potential prospect’s information.

I know a little about code and building websites but my knowledge is very limited.  I’ve made landing pages before but it was last year so I knew I had forgotten some things and I was definitely right.  This entire weekend I worked on this page getting it up and running and it’s still not done unfortunately.

Yes I could pay a web guy to get the shit done in a couple of hours, but budget is important and I had nothing else to do anyways.

The only reason why it isn’t 100% completed is because godaddy has been having server issues all fucking day and I haven’t been able to upload my site and test it out.  The design aspect is done, but I still need to test it and see how it looks live, and see how the forms work.

Hopefully they got that shit fixed by tomorrow because I do not want to waste any time with this marketing piece.

If it’s up and working tomorrow, the page needs to be live and functioning properly.  From there we need to develop some mailers and get them ready for our first mailing.  I hope to do this before this upcoming weekend. My business partner also got some confirmation from a current employee whom is working for the company he is starting with; about how many deals he’s bringing in via company provided leads and he one has 1 pending.  He has 3 others on the books but they were referrals; so that right there tells you the marketing woes of this company.

It truly is a perfectly timed opportunity for us both in the industry we are getting involved with and the company we plan on working with.  It really all comes down to our ability to generate our own high quality leads.  If we can, I cannot fathom how far we can take this thing…

Actually I can, and let’s just say it isn’t chicken shit. 🙂

So tomorrow is going to be exciting for a number of reasons; first, it’s going to be my business partner’s first day of training so he is going to learn a lot more about what’s going on.  Obviously the more information we have the better.  Second, I should be able to get our website up and running if Godaddy isn’t still fucked up.  If I do, then I’ll probably see about sitting down with my business partner Tuesday morning about the type of marketing piece we’ll use and getting everything prepared to go out.  He may want to wait until the week after Memorial Day just so he has had some time to work some leads and get a good feel for the program and pitch before we run our campaign.

I don’t know how I feel about that because I can understand his concern about not wanting to waste potential leads due to his inexperience, however at the same time I don’t want to sit around waiting either.  It’s something we’ll have to discuss.

One thing that’s apparent to me is that I really needed a new project to work on.  I was pressing forward with the other one and probably would have continued to do so, but I was just drained mentally and wasn’t feeling good about things.  With this I feel reinvigorated because I know the opportunity is there.  The company we are planning on partnering up with has been in business for years and has been making money, they are just having marketing issues and I think that’s our opening to making something big happen.

Tonight I’m still wide awake with anticipation and excitement of what’s to follow.  I made a flow chart today of different ways to can generate leads and broke the sections down into 4 phases.  As revenue increases, our marketing budget will obviously increase and we’ll be able to do some pretty cool things.  I also keep checking Godaddy’s website to see if it’s working so I can start troubleshooting my webpage.  I know I can do this, and I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this confident!

Updates to come; g’night!

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