Light at the end of the tunnel

Today was interesting to say the least.  It went absolutely nothing like I planned.  Everyday I write my daily list of things I need to get done in order to help me achieve my goals.  It’s all written on a dry erase board and updated weekly.  Generally it contains business tasks such as; call “so and so,” write and mail “X” amount of mailers, inquire with financier about project, etc.  There are also my normal everyday chores that need to get done as well.

Anyways, I woke up this morning like I do everyday and look at my board to see how my day is planned.  I then usually prepare my breakfast as my computer loads and then eat my breakfast in front of my computer while I check my emails and listen to a local rock station.  I have the same routine every morning and am generally up around 6:30am-7am.

This is my actual board!

This morning when I checked my emails I had one sent from my business partner late last night(after 8pm) so I had already closed my email and did not receive it until today.  It said, “lets meet tomorrow at 7:30am.”  Because I didn’t get the email until about 7:20am we pushed the meeting to 8am and when we met he had some really interesting shit to say.

This past week he was looking into some job opportunities and he found something that sounded extremely promising.  It deals with real estate(big surprise right!?) and it involves a niche market that no one is working right now.  In fact, I highly doubt anyone would even think to work it.  He is being signed on with this company as a 1099 and will begin his training next week.

The meeting we had this morning was probably several hours long and I don’t remember the last time we’ve talked like that.  Both of us were bouncing ideas off of one another and it’s like we were reinvigorated.  Anyways, long story short, he is going to start this job and see if there is potential.  If so, then we are going to start our own marketing to generate business.  Once we get our marketing down and are able to produce sales, we are going to contact the owners of the company and try to negotiate something, whether it be a much better commission spread or some sort of joint venture agreement.  Everything with the company sounds good from what we were told and the research we’ve done, the only issue is that their marketing is fucked.

The company also seems to be at a crossroads so it’s a perfect opportunity for us to swoop in and make something happen.  If we can fix the marketing, we will be in a position of power to negotiate something very lucrative.

I’m being vague, I know, but loose lips sink battle ships and I can’t talk specifics about this right now for obvious reasons.

In terms of current direct mail campaign, calls started trickling in today and I got 3 total with 1 actual lead.  It turned out not being a good lead, but it was a lead nonetheless.  I honestly havent prepared any mailers yesterday or today because I was just burnt out from hand-writing all of those fucking things and after talking to my business partner today we might be heading in a different direction anyways.  The money that I would normally spend on postage for my existing campaign would probably be better spent on this new thing depending on what developes the next several weeks.

So the timeline of events is as follows:

  1. My business partner starts training on Monday.  He was told training can take upwards of a week.
  2. We do some small test marketing campaigns to try to develop leads for him(without telling his employer what we are doing), instead we let them provide their shitty leads to him and let them believe he is only working those.
  3. We generate good leads that my business partner ultimately converts to business
  4. After he begins closing deals and the process has been streamlined, we contact his employer and renegotiate commission splits etc.
  5. We both start closing deals and building revenue while increasing our marketing campaigns
  6. As we grow, we take on an office and start a call center to field calls
  7. We get filthy fucking rich!

Simple right?!

Anyways, the next week will be interesting in that I’ll get a chance to see how he does with the company provided leads(which we’ve already confirmed are shitty quality).  Then we can run our test campaigns and see how they compare and if they are good enough to generate business.  If they are, the sky’s the limit.

Bottom line with this is we are going to have to develop our own high quality leads consistently and effectively.  If we can do that, we have a million dollar opportunity on our hands; no question.

More updates to come – enjoy your weekends.

  1. Good luck on your entrepreneurial goals!

    • thanks! its been hell so far but i keep on pressing forward!

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