Dreams of my own personal “Entourage”

I absolutely love this show and own all of the seasons on DVD.  I watch them repeatedly for inspiration.  Ari is just a maniac and I love watching the whole process of a deal happening and what it takes in order for one to get done.  To me the show is about much more than just some young rich movie star hanging out in Los Angeles with his boys.

Whenever I’m dragging ass or feeling down on myself, I’ll pop in a DVD from one of the seasons and just watch and think about how great that life would be to live.  Having the nice houses and the nice cars, being able to buy practically anything your heart desires on a whim and just having the feeling of “young and successful,” but my outlook has changed so much on what acquiring wealth means to me.

5 years ago it was about money, Ferrari’s, diamonds and cash.  Now it’s about humility, humbleness, freedom and giving back.  This is not to say that I wouldn’t love to one day own and drive an exotic sports car, but that is nowhere near the top of my priorities list right now.

The mailers I mailed over the weekend have not generated 1 call thus far.  There were almost 100 total and they went out on Saturday.  Again, these were based on a list that we weren’t really sure would work so if it doesn’t work I honestly won’t be too upset about it.  It will just be a learning experience from which I’ll know not to do those types of direct mail campaigns again.  It cost me time and postage, that’s it.

More importantly, I’m doing a new mailing this week based on a list that I know other real estate investors target and have used with success in the past so I’m more anxious to see what happens here.  These are all hand-written mailers so they take all fucking day and it’s monotonous as fuck.  There are places I can send my list to in order to have them done for me, but I’m obviously trying to keep expenses down until I know it works.  I have about 880 names to mail to and I sent out 30 yesterday and another 50 today.  My goals and plans for this week are to get 50 a day out until all 800+ names are done.

From my research the mailer should give me a 10% response or close to that which is 80 calls.  Will that happen?  Who the fuck knows, but I’ve done all the research I can and I just have to try it on my own to find out.  This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day and I’m not sure if that will affect things, but I’d like to start seeing some calls trickle in by the end of the week.

I also made a personal decision not to drink anymore.  I started up again for awhile and was going out routinely.  Not only do I NOT have the money to be wasting at the bar but things are coming down to the wire here and I need to keep my head clear.  Life contains a shitload of highs and lows but when you hit a low the worst thing you can do is start with the booze; it’s something I realized and put a stop to.

I think the hardest thing of this marketing campaign has been reading and seeing countless testimonials online on how different people are all getting fantastic results from the same exact direct mail campaign.  Yet here I am for hours a day, writing these fucking things out, and have yet to receive 1 phone call.  If it works for them it has to work for me right?  I mean what the fuck?!  Am I cursed or something??

Whatever, that’s not important.  What is important is getting that first phone call, and getting that first deal.  From there repeating the process and earning some cash.

If I can do that, my life will change and I need a change desperately.


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