So this is it

I’ve said this before, but this time I really mean it.  The last marketing campaign we ran was a complete bust.  We got basically no response whatsoever.  Prior to doing the direct mail campaign we spoke to 5 people who’ve done the same exact campaign in the past, using the same list, and every single one of them said the list was the “real deal,” and that we’d get business from the mailing; it didn’t happen.

The only explanation I could come up with was that the list had already been saturated with mailers prior to us even sending ours out.  The company we purchased the list from gets a new list every quarter and they claim they sell each name up to 3 times.  When we placed our order, it was towards the end of April and the guy we bought it from said he was almost sold out already.  To us it seemed like he already sold the names he sold to us.  Regardless, the response we got was not what all of these other people were reporting and I cannot believe that every single one of the individuals we spoke to lied about the quality of the leads; that’s just unreasonable to assume.

We did our homework on these leads and the marketing campaign and found:

1)     That the leads “work” according to everyone we spoke to

2)     That the mailer we are using “works” according to everyone we spoke to

3)     So why did it work for everyone else but not us?

After we sent out the initial mailing my business partner figured out a way to generate these leads ourselves 100% free.  Last week I spent the entire time generating our own leads and doing a test mailing to them.  There was 100 total that I mailed to, and I did the mailers on my own.  They all went out this past Saturday.  Since we are generating these ourselves we know they aren’t being “sold to 3 other people” and most importantly, they are generated real-time.  The list we bought from prior only comes out once a quarter versus the leads we generate ourselves which we can mail to once a week.  I’m hoping and praying this is the difference maker and we should know between today and Wednesday.  It’s the only thing we can conclude as being the reason why our campaign didn’t work.

We’ve been told that the mailer we use has been tested over and over again and we should expect around a 10% response from it.  With that being said, we are looking at getting about 10 calls from our second mailing for it to be considered effective.

If it doesn’t work, then it’s over.  I did the mailing myself because I know my business partner is pretty much done.  The decision to do the mailer was all my own because after all of the time we’ve spent I figured I might as well give it one more shot and one more week of my time, what the fuck?  He pretty much gave up after the last campaign failed and I was there with him but for whatever reason (after talking to some people) decide to do 1 last mailer on my own.

I’m confident that these mailers will be much more effective but I’m nervous as hell because I know what awaits if they aren’t.  A job in the workforce being a slave to the grind like everyone else.  I’ll be miserable to the point of suicide and I don’t know how I’ll maintain my sanity.  To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it because the thought alone makes me sick to my stomach.

We should know today but more so tomorrow and Wednesday what the deal is and in the meantime I can only wait and see what happens.  If my business partner’s phone starts to ring we’ve got a chance.

If it doesn’t it’s all over.

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