This is going to be a big month and here’s why…

Sorry it took me so long to post.  I’m not going to make excuses as to why I haven’t posted earlier because to be honest I was just lazy and didn’t feel like it.  🙂

First things first; congrats to the UCONN Huskies for winning the national championship!!!!  Yes I know the game sucked balls but at least we won and took home the title, that’s all that matters.  It’s just a shame that neither team really played to their potential and didn’t show how good they really are; but again, it’s a moot point.

On to business…

April is going to be a big month because it’s going to tell both me and my business partner whether this thing we are doing is for real or not.  This week we already have 2 pending offers on 2 investment properties we intend on flipping and we are waiting to see if the bank has accepted our offers.  Generally it takes 72hrs or so for them to let you know, “yes,” “no,” or “here’s our counter.”  The offers were submitted late last night so they probably weren’t passed onto the bank until today.

Even if the offers are rejected, it will give us insight on what we are doing wrong and how we can get it corrected.  Let’s say our offers are accepted, then we will have 10 days to find our buyer and our marketing has worked great thus far so we’ll see what happens.

Worst case scenario, we walk from the deal but at least we will have learned something.

If everything does workout we want to have, at a bare minimum, 1 pending deal to be closing no later than mid May.  The industry we are in is right, the market conditions are right, and the money is definitely there for us to make.  It all comes down to us just getting it done and then streamlining the whole process so we can do multiple closings a month, which is when the good money should start to flow.

It just has to work and there is no other way for me to put it.  We have no other options, no backup plan and nothing to fall on if it doesn’t.  It HAS to work.

This Thursday I’ll be flying to Houston to see some family.  My cousin lives there and my mother and sister are flying in from back east to see her.  They suggested I meet them out there and I was all for it.  I haven’t seen my sister or mother in over 3 years and it’s long over do.  It will be good to see them and just enjoy time with my family.  Shit like that keeps you grounded and make you realize the truly important things in life.  I’m so goal oriented and driven when it comes to business that I think I often times forget about that, although it’s something I’m working on.

Like I said before, this month is huge.  Not because we are expecting to make money, but because it is going to tell us whether or not our entire business is going to work.

I’m going to post updated goals for April after I’m done posting this but I hope you all have a fantastic week and I’ll be updating again soon.


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