Monthly Wrap; big things to come and UCONN is in the final four!

Another night time blog post, interesting…

The month of March will be officially over in 4 hours and things are moving along.  Unfortunately, due to my business partner’s health issues, not as quickly as I’d like but I’ll take anything right now.

Today I drove around and looked at some subject properties we may make offers on and tomorrow both my business partner and I will be meeting a realtor at these houses to get a better look.  I already know that we will be making offers on them; we just need to get a better idea as to the extent of repairs that are needed before we make our offer.

Will either of our offers get accepted?  I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that we will continue making offers on multiple properties until we get one locked down.  I can tell my business partner feels much better and is ready to get this thing going because for the last two weeks he hasn’t been able to do much.  I know I’m anxious as hell so I can’t imagine how he is.

I also got some other things in the works with the old investment model we were pitching and maybe we’ll close a few deals there as well but it’s not going to be my top priority right now.  I will say that since yesterday afternoon I’ve felt great and I’m getting this weird vibe or “vibration” if you want to call it that; of something big happening in the near future.  I have no clue what it may be but I have the feeling we’re going to make a huge leap forward here within the next 30 days or so.

Call it intuition or “gut” but I just feel it…

Aside from that, my UCONN huskies have made it to the final four and I’m surprised they are playing this well.  Kentucky is going to be tough to beat but they’ve been on quite a run so anything is possible.  I was ecstatic when they won the Big East because I did not think they were going to go far in the tournament but obviously I was wrong.  Let’s hope they keep this win streak going and take home a national title!! *knock on wood*

The game is on Saturday so that is obviously what I’ll be doing along with work and other miscellaneous things.  Tomorrow I’m going to have a busy day filled with meetings and looking at properties but I’m excited that things are picking up.  Motion creates emotion and it’s good to get up and move around; to go out and about, and to get off your ass when you are trying to start a business.  You are more energetic and you feel as though you are accomplishing more regardless of whether you actually are.  Remember, what you think and feel, you will become.  I’m hoping that’s the case right now because I feel great!

April goals will be posted over the weekend.  Until then I wish you all the best.


  1. Its Interesting post. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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