Cardio day at the gym, NCAA tournament, and random business crap

As usual, I’m typing up a blog post before I head to the gym to workout.  My workouts have been going great and today is actually an “off” day for me.  On off days I either don’t work out entirely or go to the gym and do cardio only; which is what I plan on doing today.

Aside from that I’ve been enjoying March madness and the NCAA tournament.  I graduated from UCONN and we’ve always been a basketball school so it’s good to see the team in the tournament a lot.  They beat San Diego State last night and now have a big test against Arizona in the elite 8 on Saturday.  Being that I live in Arizona, I think I’ll watch the game from home.  The bars are going to be packed with nothing but U of A fans and I’m not going to want to put up with their shit.  I’m probably the only UCONN fan in this entire state!

As far as work is concerned things are going well.  We had a pretty large speed bump yesterday and for half the day I was pretty bummed because it was a major issue and I didn’t know how we were going to deal with it.  After brainstorming with my business partner we came up with a great solution and we both felt much better afterwards.

Essentially we are going to have to close a few deals in the manner we discussed over the phone, and then after we do that, I’ll have to go to school to get my real estate license.  It will just make things easier in the future.  I’ve actually had it before in the past but let it expire because I was moving out of real estate and I was flat broke and declaring bankruptcy.  I simply couldn’t afford all of the costs/fees involved with keeping your real estate license.

As of right now I’m still searching online for possible subject properties that we should invest in.  I’m finding a shitload which is good.  There is certainly no lack of inventory available.  Originally I was planning on checking out some of these properties but I’m not going to do that until next week.  My business partner is getting his oral surgery on Wednesday or Friday of next week and there is no point in me looking at properties that might be sold before he’s even done with surgery.  I’m just going to wait until he’s better then start visiting properties and making offers at that time.

I feel good and I feel like we are going to close a deal once my business partner gets his health issues taken care of.  The marketing we ran went much better than expected and since that worked so well, there is no reason to believe that this other aspect won’t work.

So that’s all I got for right now.  Not a very exciting post, I know, but I wanted to write something.  To be honest I don’t know how much I’ll post until I start visiting properties and making offers.  From there things will pick up and get interesting.

Enjoy your weekends!

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