Monday evening thoughts and business updates

I just realized that I very rarely post on my blog at night.  I’ll write quick updates in the side bar, but as far as full blown blog posts go, they typically don’t happen.  I wonder why that is?

Anyways, today was a good and productive day.  We achieved the main goal that we set for ourselves which I’m happy about.  I also got my business partner to make something happen which is good as well.  I think he was just becoming complacent and lazy because there hasn’t been much for him to do since I’ve been doing the majority of the work thus far.  Also, the last 6 or so months our workload has been minimal because of the whole fiasco with our prior real estate gig.  I could tell when I spoke to him that he is starting to get excited whereas before I was questioning his faith.

I think the key with him is that he has to stay busy or his mind wanders and he just bitches and complains.  If he’s busy he feels things are happening and he’s going to make money.  He told me on several occasions that it’s the “action” he gets addicted to more so than the paycheck.  After going through these last several months together with little to no work, I can see where he is coming from.

Tomorrow our first direct mail marketing campaign hits so I’m looking forward to seeing what type of response we get.  The point is to drive traffic to one of our landing pages and get subscribers, however I also put my number on there so I won’t be surprised if I get some phone calls too; the more the merrier, bring it on! 🙂

I also have a meeting scheduled with my business partner for Wednesday morning so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of discuss once that rolls around.  Originally we set a goal to have a deal “pending” within 30 days (4/3/11) and I still think that’s doable.  We just need to start making offers soon because we will only have 2 weeks left after this week is over.  Basically, we need to get a lot done this week and make tons of progress if we want to hit our goal.

I just can’t wait until we get that first commission check with our business name written on it.  It’s going to be such an amazing feeling because we’ll know it can be done and we won’t have any more doubts.  We’ll also know that the sky is the limit because it then becomes a matter of simply repeating the same process.  There is no question that fortunes are being made in the current real estate market and it won’t be like this forever so I just hope I make my millions while I have the chance.

I’m confident I will.

Aside from that I feel great mentally and am optimistic and positive.  I just need to keep things this way and keep the momentum flowing in our favor.  We just need to close that first fucking deal and I know that from that point forward we are going to turn into a beast on a rampage.  It’s been so long since either of us have had a taste of some decent cash flow that once it happens we’re going to go berserk.  I can just feel it.

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