Finally laid to rest

The investor called me on Tuesday after I requested the documents from him, and after a 5-10minute conversation I was finally able to realize that he is 100% full of shit and it’s time for me to move on.  I got the closure I needed to put this fucker to sleep.

I’m not going to mention the specific thing he said that was a dead giveaway because there is no point dwelling on it any further.  It’s over and time to move on.

My business partner yesterday was in a funk so I told him I wanted to sit down with him this morning.  He was still upset about the investor situation but said he contacted the investor directly and got the closure he needed as well.  He has been dealing with other issues in terms of finances and I know it’s getting hard for him at home.  We got a lot of shit that was on our minds out in the open and I feel much better today.

So essentially, we are picking up where we left off and pressing forward.  We both need to be on the same page because this shit has to work and we have nothing else.  The thought of me getting a job and working for someone else makes me suicidal.  That’s not an exaggeration by the way; I’m dead serious when I say that.  On that notion alone I should be provided with enough motivation to make this thing work.

I have shit to get done so this is a short post but I wanted to update on what happened with the investor.  We’ve finally moved on and are looking towards brighter futures.


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