Specifics on what I’m trying to achieve during the conference call today

Later this afternoon my business partner and I have a conference call scheduled with our business associate on what’s going on with this investor.  We still have not received the info from him and I don’t think we are going to.  I think he basically feels as though we need a better exit strategy for the investment and until we can provide him with that, he isn’t going to send us anything.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we came up with what we think is a good solution and we are going to see if it’s something our business associate can do.  If she verbally says she thinks she can, I will run the idea by the investor to see what his thoughts are and take it from there.

If the investor says “yes,” then we really need to kick his ass to get moving because we’ve wasted enough time discussing this over the phone and it’s time to get shit in writing.  The longer this deal drags on, the more I’m beginning to think that my business partner and I are going to have to sign a joint venture with the investor ourselves, and then send the business through our business associate.  The reason why I feel this way is that I know we are going to have to continue pursuing this investor aggressively and if we simply hand him off I don’t think anything will get done.  Plus, we need to be kept in the loop and the only way we can be sure of that happening is if we are in constant communication with the investor.

These last two weeks, if we weren’t the ones initiating contact with the investor, we would have gone absolutely crazy.  It would have just been too much for us to handle and we would have been hounding our business associate constantly in regards to “what’s going on?”  We would have driven her nuts and it just wouldn’t have been a good situation.

So the goal today is to see what her thoughts are on the situation and where she is coming from.  Depending on what she says will allow us to make a decision on how we’d like to pursue things and hopefully get the process started with the paperwork.  Before the end of the month I need to see some major progress in the right direction; which only gives us the remainder of this week to get something done.

Also, this week’s events are going to give me a lot of insight on whether or not I should fly out to visit this investor.  I do plan on going out to see him, but when I go and how I go about it is the important thing.  The goal of the trip is to let him know we are serious, to actually show him who he is doing business with and ease any concerns he might have, and lastly try and get him to commit and possibly close him.  The timing has to be right for the visit and later this week I think I’ll have a better idea as far as a good time to go out there.

That’s all I have for now, but depending on how the conference call goes I may update later today.  If not then I’ll most likely update tomorrow.


  1. Fascinating that you let us in on your process.

    • thanks! i’m hoping that i will be able to look back at my posts several months from now and just smile at the things i’ve written while i was struggling. i think the fact that i’ve written all of my posts during the actual process of achieving wealth definately makes the writing more “raw” and “real,” vereses having already achieved it and reflecting back afterwards.

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