Better news

On Wednesday night we still haven’t heard anything and I told my business partner I was going to email the investor to see about scheduling a conference call on Friday to catch up.  I did not ask for an update as far as the info was concerned, I only asked when he would be free to talk.

Well he emailed me back today and we have a conference call scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  I’m happy about a few things.  The first is that we didn’t sit around all week going crazy.  We decided to initiate contact with him, without sounding too desperate.  The second is that he responded to my email with a time for us to talk.  Again, this reiterates what I mentioned in my blog post yesterday.  He has done everything right in terms of getting back to us, arriving on appointments, and not giving us the run around.

If he had nothing to say or to report, you would think he would have responded with; “I don’t have anything for you yet, let’s reschedule next week,” or worse; simply have not responded at all.  However, he did respond and he gave us a time he was available.

Tomorrow the goal is going to be to try and put some pressure on him without being overly aggressive.  Everything this investor has done thus far tells me he’s for real and has the money to change the lives of everyone involved in the deal, but I just have to accept the fact that he is going to work at his own pace, and will not be forced to do anything he isn’t comfortable with.

Obviously, tomorrow is going to be a big day and I’m praying we take some large leaps forward with this deal.  We’ve had various conference calls with this guy in the past and prior to all of them I’ve said; “this is the moment that’s going to get things going.”  Unfortunately that never happened, so I won’t be saying that this time.  I just want to communicate with him that we are eager to get this thing going and are willing to do whatever is needed to get the deal done; without sounding desperate.

I’ll update tomorrow after everything goes down.

I wish you all the best.  Peace.

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