I haven’t a thing to report

Since nothing new has happened, I really don’t have much to say in this blog post; however it’s been a few days and I did want to at least provide some sort of update.

I met with my business partner this morning and these other marketing initiatives we were looking into just don’t seem like they are going to work.  Actually, they seem like they may work but it would take way too much time to see results and we don’t have time to spare.  Unfortunately we are in a position where we are going to live and die by this 1 investor, which obviously is not good.

We have yet to hear from him this week and the way things are looking we probably will not hear from him.  So we’ve already decided that on Friday if we still haven’t heard anything we will give him a call and find out how things are going.

The last email he sent was last Friday and he stated that he has freed up much of his time and will be getting back in touch with us “shortly.”  Well to me, “shortly” means within a few days or so not a week.  Anyways, we are going to do our best to pin him down on Friday if this doesn’t seem to be moving forward.  I think the most frustrating thing is that no progress has been made these last two weeks.  Even if things are happening slowly, but heading in the right direction I’d be happy.  However things’ not moving in any direction at all is what bothers me.

The investor has literally done everything right leading up to this point, except for taking so long to get us the info we need.  So it’s hard for us to think that he is a tire-kicker or full of shit.  He has not done anything that would give us that impression in all of the communication we’ve had with him.  He is just working slowly and we do not know how to give him a kick in the ass without being offensive.

When we talk on Friday it could go several ways but my main goal is to get him to commit to a firm deadline on when he can get us the info we need so we can move forward.  We are not even sure if we can do a deal yet and we need those numbers to see if it can happen.  From what he told us on the phone it seemed like there was a deal there, but those were estimates and not specifics.  Until we get those specific numbers in WRITING, everything is just masturbation.

I’m also very adamant about going out there and sitting down with him.  Originally I wasn’t planning on doing that until after we closed a deal, but if he doesn’t seem to be progressing in the direction we need him to, and I have the money to make the trip, I’m flying out to see him.  I just can’t/won’t let it go until he tells me; “I’m not interested, fuck off.”

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  It all comes back to doing everything you possibly can to make the deal work.  30 years from now if I look back at this situation, I need to be able to say to myself with the utmost certainty; “I did everything I could to close that deal.”  If I can’t say that, I’ll regret it forever.

Who knows, a miracle might happen before the end of the week and he may initiate contact with us but as of right now it’s not looking to good.

Trying to stay positive…

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