Well I got an email but it wasn’t what I was expecting

It’s Sunday and I figured I’d write this now instead of tomorrow.  I emailed the investor Friday morning to see how things were coming since we never received anything from him.  He replied later in the afternoon with a very strange email.

He basically said that he’s been busy and thanks for our time and patience and he is planning on getting the info to use “shortly” because it’s not “implementation” time.  However he did not give any sort of time frame as far as how long it’s going to take him.  He did ask that I send him over a bio in the meantime while he’s working on the info.

I typed up something and sent it over to him that same day and then called and left a message saying I sent him the info he requested and to let me know if he needs anything else.  The thing that’s surprising is that he asked for a bio now, after nearly a month of communication.  Why didn’t he ask for it in the beginning?

The most disturbing thing is that he didn’t even address the information we are waiting on, which is the whole reason why I emailed him in the first place.  He merely said he would have it to us shortly.  Both me and my business partner felt it was a stall tactic but why would he want to buy time?  He has stressed in practically every conversation we’ve had with him that he does not want to waste anyone’s time and that he wants to move forward.  He also has always called when he said he was going to call, replied to emails, and shown up for appointments on time.  He has not done one thing that would make us believe he is leading us on or full of shit.  Once I began thinking about things that way, I began thinking that maybe he wants a bio on me so he knows a little more about who he’s going to be doing business with.  In his mind, things might be getting close and he felt as though he should know a little more about me prior to doing a deal.

I have no problem with that at all.  It’s just the timing of him asking for that bio and still not getting us the info we need that causes some concern.

So tomorrow I have a meeting with my business partner in the morning and hopefully we can get started on this new marketing thing because we need something to keep ourselves busy until this investor makes the next move.  We’ve both decided that this entire week we are going to just try and leave him alone to see if he reaches out to us or if he just ends up sending us the info without us having to ask him for it.  If we don’t hear anything from him by the end of the week, I’d say we probably have a problem.

I still feel good, and I’m optimistic about a deal being done but at the current speed we are moving who knows when the hell it will happen.  This last email that was sent by the investor really threw me for a loop though; I was not expecting that type of response.

I think the key thing here is not to panic and to find a way to keep busy until the deal works itself out.  There is only so much you can do and right now the ball is in the investor’s court.  I did tell my business partner that if I get that check for my grandmother’s estate this month, and if the investor still doesn’t seem to be moving forward with the deal, I’ll fly out to where he’s at and sit and talk to him personally.  I’ll know within 2 seconds of looking into his eyes if he’s full of shit or for real.

I’m wondering if I’ll get a phone call or email from the investor tomorrow.  I honestly have no idea if I should expect correspondence from him or not.  I’d say there is a 50/50 chance of him contacting me.  My business partner thinks he might reach out to me, but who knows.  I’m sure tomorrow’s meeting will entail my business partner bitching about the situation.

That’s it for now, more to come later.

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