Have power over your environment

My business partner can sometimes be difficult to work with and it gets on my nerves sometimes.  The way to best describe it is he’s “bipolar” when it comes to business.  He has a tendency to get really excited about something, and his attitude will literally do a 180 at the first sign of a speed bump.  He’s earned millions before and he told me that it took almost a year to get his hedge fund to the point where it was making any money; so you would think he would understand that things take time.  I’m not really sure why he is acting this way lately.  I think his wife is putting pressure on him to earn money but I can’t deal with his negative bullshit day in and day out because it brings me down.

The investor we are working with was supposed to send us an email outlining the specifics of what he is looking for, and that was supposed to be sent by the end of the day Tuesday.  Well I didn’t get anything Tuesday, so I was getting ready to call the investor this morning (Wednesday) to see what the issue was.  Before I even had a chance to do that, the investor sent an email saying he is sorry for not getting us the info and has been a bit behind but would do it shortly.  To me, that’s a good sign.  Although we are still waiting on the info, he is staying in communication and he knows we are waiting on him.

My business partner is just upset and frustrated that it’s taking him so long to send an email.  He’s going on and on about it but there is nothing we can fucking do.  We can try and put some pressure on the investor but we have to be careful not to scare him away.  Regardless, my business partner needs to calm the fuck down and realize that big deals take time; we’re talking a multimillion dollar investment here, not a fucking cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with him and I’m going to tell him he needs to chill the fuck out.  He instantly thinks the worst case scenario when something doesn’t go 100% as planned and it’s fucking annoying.

I’m dealing with his shit, and this past week one of my friends has been crashing on my couch because he has no place to stay.  I have no problem with him staying with me until he moves into his new place, which should be next week sometime but I can’t stand him bitching and complaining about how miserable his life is.  I’m getting it from all angles and I’m going to have to tell my friend that he is welcome to stay but he needs to check the negative attitude at the door because I don’t want to hear it and I have my own issues I’m dealing with.

Maintaining a positive environment and attitude is so key and right now everyone around me is being negative so I need to put this fucking fire out before it gets out of hand.

I’m 100% confident that this investor is the real deal and we will end up doing business with him.  When will it end up happening I don’t know, but until that point I can’t let other people bring me down.

If you take anything from this post it should be this; surround yourself with good, positive people that support you and are there for you.  If they aren’t then you better cut them off or deal with it immediately otherwise they will drag your ass down with them.

I’ll update more on the investor when I can.  Peace.

  1. February 20th, 2011
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