Friday thoughts/weekly wrap/Rant

Well I don’t have much to report today.  We got a lot done this week and made huge progress but we are still waiting on the investor to email us those specific points on what he is looking for.  Last night we emailed our business associate the numbers that we were given so that she can begin thinking of a plan of action.  However, we still need that email from the investor so that we can be sure we didn’t miss anything or that he didn’t forget to mention something to us while we were on the phone with him.  My business partner and myself already decided that if we don’t get anything from him by Monday, we are going to call or email him to see what the holdup is.

As far as how the numbers look right now; I’ve spent some time analyzing them.  And from what I can see it looks like a no brainer.  Even if our business associate says she can’t do a deal, we will be able to do one directly with the investor if need be.  So if they work with us, they should definitely work with her considering she has more wiggle room within the numbers then we do.

There are only two reasons I can think of that would hinder her from jumping all over this;

1)      There is something about the investment on the backend that we are not aware of and she simply doesn’t have faith in the investment.

2)      Bottom line, she doesn’t have the balls to pull the trigger.

You find out what someone is made of, especially when it comes to business, when large numbers are being discussed and they appear to be solid as a rock or intimidated.  I think some of this comes from experience in business, but a lot of it just depends on the type of person you are.  Large numbers never intimidated me and I’ve never closed (what I would consider) a large deal in my life; at least not yet…

I’d imagine that part of it you are just born with.  Either you “got it” or you don’t.  I’ve had numerous friends, colleagues and people tell me that I have a good business sense and they can tell I know what I’m talking about.  I’m not really sure why that is considering I’m broke as hell and struggling, but I don’t see why they would lie to me about that.  I will say that when I’ve talked to high net worth individuals (HNWI) I’ve never been intimidated and always considered myself on the same page as them.  I might not have any money now, but always felt as though it was going to happen; it was just a matter of time.

Lately I’ve been bullshitting with a guy at my gym who owns the juice bar there.  He provides protein shakes and other supplements to the members.  After my workouts I typically sit and have a protein shake so naturally we started chatting about business and other things.  Turns out this guy has over 70 locations nationwide and his goal is to get to 100.  He also mentioned he has always wanted to develop a supplement line and/or energy drink.  I told him about how my background is in sports nutrition and I’ve actually developed a supplement line while I was in college.  I still have it now, sitting on paper but have never done anything with it.  I can tell for a fact he wants to do business and work together and I’m all for it.  I have told him that I’m involved in this real estate transaction now and once I close a deal and have some play money we should do it.

So why am I sharing this story?  Because doors are opening up for me, and in talking to this guy the last several weeks he obviously feels as though I’m capable of making something happen otherwise I doubt the conversations would have gotten as in-depth as they have.  He even shared with me his profit margins on specific locations, his mark-ups, everything.

You don’t share that info with just some random customer.  He was feeling me out to see if I knew my shit. 

Regardless, nothing can happen until I close this fucking real estate deal and this is probably going to keep me busy for awhile.  The more we look into it, the more it seems like this is going to be a several year commitment on our part.  It definitely does not feel like it’s going to be a situation where we get our commission and just walk.  We are most likely going to be actively involved in the investment and the real estate market while we are working with this investor.

This weekend I’m not really sure what my plans are.  The Superbowl is on Sunday and I could care less about either team playing in the game so that really isn’t a big deal to me.  The new ad we developed for the Wall Street Journal started running today and so far I haven’t gotten any calls.  Tomorrow morning my business partner wants to have a meeting to most likely discuss the current situation and what we plan on doing if the investor doesn’t get us the info we are waiting on.  Aside from that, I won’t be partying hard or anything like that because I want to keep a clear head.  We are so close and there will be a time to celebrate but right now is premature.

Enjoy your weekend’s people, if something happens that is worth mentioning I’ll be sure to post it up!

Best wishes.

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