The importance of having control

I’m in a blogging mood today and this is something that has come up so much these past few months that I’ve decided to write about it now.

When it comes to business having control over an entire situation is so important and I’m realizing it more and more lately.  One of the main reasons I went into business for myself was control.  Sure, money was a huge motivator, but aside from that being in control of my own destiny and where I’m heading in life is equally if not more important.  I think I’ve written this in a blog post before and it couldn’t be truer; your fate is what you make.

When you work for someone else you are provided with a false sense of control.  You think that if you show up to work on time everyday and do your job you have nothing to worry about and are thus, “in control of your career.”

Unfortunately that is not the case.  The company you are working for could go under tomorrow.  Your boss could get fired and replaced by someone who seems to have a disliking for you.  There could be a situation where the company has to perform cut-backs and lay-offs, leaving your job in jeopardy and so on…  Most people try not to think this way because when they do it really begins to shed light on how little control they actually have.  It’s a very frightening realization and the “awakening” typically doesn’t happen until it’s too late.  Fortunate for me, it’s something I realized almost immediately after graduating college.

Right now, and for the past several months, all of the issues I’ve had with my business ventures and other endeavors are due to the fact that I don’t have 100% control over them.  When I started the green lighting business you are required to partner up with the electrical company in your area/region and there is nothing you can do about it.  You end up being at their mercy because you are constantly waiting on them to approve projects, to get back to you with proposals, and the worst part; to pay you after the job was completed.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out that this wasn’t going to work.  It was a fucking disaster.

Now with the real estate investing I’m involved with I’m dealing with a similar situation.  Once I find a legitimate prospect they get handed off to the company that does all of the leg work.  I’m not doing the backend work myself because I simply do not know enough about the logistics of it to do it on my own.  If I did, I sure as hell would control everything from front to back.  Regardless, because someone else is in control of the backend, I’m constantly waiting for phone calls to be returned, emails to be replied to, and shit that normally would take me an hour or two to complete, ends up taking a day or two.  Again, it’s a fucking mess.

So one thing my business partner and myself vowed to do after we get some money coming in is that we are going to get involved in something else (still dealing with real estate) where we are in 100% control of the front and back end of the situation.

Remember, at the end of the day no one is going to work harder then yourself to get a deal done, especially when there is a lot of money involved.  Not only that but when you are running the entire show you can make decisions on your own when needed and won’t have to run them by 3 or 4 people first.  When you start a business things will always come up that you weren’t expecting and being able to make a quick decision on your feet or take action immediately is going to be crucial for your success.  If you aren’t able to do that, your chances become significantly hindered.

In summary, when you start a company or business, know the entire business from front to back, and make sure you are running the show when something comes up.  It could very well be the difference in you becoming a multimillionaire or going bankrupt.

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