QuickPress: “Make something happen!”

That’s what is written on my dry erase board as my goal for today. I got off the phone with my business partner this morning and we discussed some things. One thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday is that we are running another ad this week but we changed it entirely. We are hoping the new ad not only brings in calls, but a better quality client. Also, we are calling the old whale who essentially wasted 3 months of our time just to see what his fucking deal was and if there is any chance in hell of doing business with him.

We have 1 last prospect other then the current investor we are working with whom might be interested in buying and he asked us to follow up with him this month, so we are calling him today as well.

On a final note, I need to update my goals for Feb. Last month was an abomination with my goals and I’m going to put some more thought into the ones I’m writing for February. If the goals I am setting for myself are not even close to becomming hit then it means I need to do a major overhaul with my thought process. Remember the key points to goal setting; small, measurable, attainable.

I don’t want to finish this blog post with something negative so I will say this. I feel better today then I did yesterday and we do have a plan in place about how we are going to handle the current situation with this whale, so by the end of the week a lot of the questions I have should be answered.

As always, I’ll update as needed and my new goals will be posted soon.

  1. You never think about this sort of thing until someone points it out like this. Ideas are floating around out there; all you need is someone to grab ‘em. Great stuff!

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