It’s 8:30pm and I’m still wide awake

Normally I’m winding down around this time and just chillin on my couch before bed.  Generally I go to bed between 10-11pm just depending on how tired I am.  I don’t think that will be the case tonight considering I’m fucking wired as hell right now.  If I don’t start to calm down I might have to do a late night training session to take the edge off.

So why am I so awake?

Yesterday we were expecting to hear an update of good or bad news.  We didn’t hear anything and began to worry so we put in phone calls and emails to the people we were supposed to hear from.  Eventually at 9pm last night we got an email update.  The email was probably the worst thing it could have been aside from a blatant “he’s not interested.”

Basically the investment that we wanted (the one that made us the most commission) was pitched to the investor.  He didn’t outright reject it, but said he didn’t feel as though we understood what he wanted and would email some bullet points outlining the specifics of what he was looking for.

No big deal right?  Wrong…

We’ve been talking to this guy for two weeks and during the numerous conversations I’ve had with him and my business partner had with him we tried to pin him down in regards to specific criteria he was looking for.  He only gave us 3 basic things so we based our investment recommendation off of what he told us.  Well now it seems there are more things he wants and instead of just telling us that upfront we’ve essentially wasted two weeks of our time.

Furthermore, depending on what bullet points he maps out for us, it seems as though this is heading in the direction of the investment that we did not want him to go for.  The reason being is that the commission is very low.  For example, if he were to invest 2 million dollars, our cut would only be 6-10k after all parties involved get their money and the worst part is that its non negotiable.  The commission structure is government mandated so we cannot get paid anymore.

So on a 2 million dollar investment we get 6k each?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Just so you can all put this into perspective, if he were to make that same 2 million dollar investment in the program we want, we would make $250,000 or 125k each.  6k or 125k, you decide… 

We aren’t talking about a difference of a few grand here which is why I’m so upset.

My business partner was a wreck this morning and I didn’t know what to do or say.  Eventually, later on in the morning once I was fully awake and had calmed down a bit I called him.  We literally talked all day about the situation, what we can do about it, how we can take control, everything.  From 8:30am to 6pm I was basically on the phone with him.  There were the occasional breaks in-between talking but I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that we spoke ALL day.

We came up with a few different things but we really can’t do anything until he emails those bullet points so we can see exactly what he wants.  If he doesn’t send us anything by Thursday we are going to call him and not let him off of the phone until we know exactly what he’s looking for.

Here’s a guy who said he didn’t want to waste anyone’s time and here we are two weeks later in no different position then we were when we first spoke to him; unbelievable.

The more we looked at everything the more it seemed to be that he did not want to invest in real estate himself; rather he would provide funding for someone else to invest in exchange for a specific return.  If that’s the case, me and my business partner have no problem signing a joint venture agreement with him, and investing in the real estate program with the money.  Why he wouldn’t want to do it himself is beyond me.  At least if shit were to hit the fan with his investment, he still has title to the property as collateral and won’t be out on his ass.  Not to mention the return would be much higher if he just didn’t it himself instead of giving us the money at a fixed interest rate or whatever.  This could be way off, however it’s just one of the scenarios we discussed during our conversations today.

The bottom line is we won’t know until he lets us know by sending us an email or talks with us.

I really have no idea where this is going and I do feel that there is a deal here, I just hate the thought of the piss poor commission we get if he opts for option #2 instead of #1.

6 fucking grand?  After all of this work?  What the fuck am I going to do with that, wipe my ass?

Fuck! I’m getting angry just thinking about it now.

We need to figure out a way to take control over the situation and get him to invest in what we want otherwise this was and is a complete waste of fucking time.

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