Today is D-Day

Ok so here is what’s going on…

The conference call actually happened Thursday, not Wednesday and thank God we had that call because the person who is actually going to be making the proposal to the investor was on a completely different page then us.  To make a long story short, she was going to offer him something which we didn’t believe is what he wanted and paid much less commission.  I’m not talking about a couple thousand dollars commission; I’m talking about a difference of a couple hundred thousand dollars commission.  To me it just seemed silly to start off with a proposal that pays you and your reps the least amount of money.  Start off with the big proposal first, swing for the fences, and if he says “no” then offer the other option.

I think we are going to do a deal; it just comes down to the type of deal and how much we get paid.  1 way could earn us an initial 250-500k from his first purchase while the other would only earn us 10-25k. 

See the difference?

Regardless, it seems like he will be a repeat buyer and it’s not going to end with him on one transaction which makes the 250-500k option seem that much more attractive because if he buys again we get that much more.

It’s hard for me to get excited about 10k a month, even if he buys consistently for an entire year because that’s only 120k for the entire year.  To me that’s chicken shit because I know how much he’s investing, and I’ve already earned that type of money in the past.  I did not get involved in this business to make 100k a year; I got involved in this business to make 100k a month.

The reason why it comes down to today is that the investor is going to be presented with the proposal today and if a deal gets done we should know (verbally) which direction he’s going to head in.  From there is a matter of getting the paperwork done and getting the investment started; which I don’t believe will take a lot of time because the investor himself said, “if we do a deal it’s going to happen quick.”

The call is going to take place later this afternoon and I’ll get an update once it’s over so I’ll be ecstatic or devastated when it’s all said and done.  I’m just hoping and praying the deal that makes us the most money is the one he goes for but everything is out of my hands at this point and I’ve done everything I could.

I will update later when I hear something.

Wish me luck!

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