Finally something positive!

There have been some good developments these past 7 or so days and I’m feeling better than I have in awhile about everything in general.

The whale we are working with now seems more and more like a legitimate buyer (knock on wood) and he is talking about investing a large sum of money (5-25mil).  I had a 3 way conference call with him and the head of the company we are working with to make an introduction and to try and hammer out a deal; this happened last Thursday and the call went well.  Now normally we are always waiting to hear something and the people we are working with have a tendency to take their fucking time returning phone calls/emails and just getting back in touch with you, so naturally we were expecting another train wreck. 

Well Monday we heard that the investor and the person I introduced him to were in contact over the weekend, and a proposal is in the works and will most likely be presented by the end of the week.  Today we are hoping to get on a conference call with just the people involved in the deal (other than the investor) to discuss what’s going to be presented and the commissions that will be earned.  So shit is getting done, which I like.  Also, the investor seems more and more like the real deal and wants to spend a lot of money which means big commissions for everyone involved.

Another thing that I really like about our current situation is I have a good relationship with this whale investor and am much more active in the whole process.  Last time we just handed off the “whale” and that was it; no surprise it turned out to be a disaster.  This time, I’ve spoken to the investor on numerous occasions, he knows who I am, and he even said in one of our conversations;

“How are you getting paid? Because if we end up doing a deal it’s going to be good for a lot of people and its going to happen quick.”

I couldn’t believe he was actually concerned about me making my commission and he basically stated that he makes it a point to make sure everyone that’s involved gets their piece because he doesn’t do business trying to screw people.  My jaw dropped when he said that because the one thing I’ve learned in business up until this point is that people will fuck you over in a heartbeat, especially when there is a lot of money involved.

So not only am I happy that I feel as though we have a buyer who is the real deal, but he is a big buyer and will probably be a repeat buyer.  I’m not getting my hopes up because there have been so many potential deals that haven’t worked out these past few months, but I will say I’m positive about the entire situation and if he does buy he can make or break our entire year.

If we end up doing a deal with this guy, both me and my business partner are planning on flying out to meet him in person after it’s done.  We want to maintain a good relationship with him because like I said earlier; he will most likely be a repeat buyer and you want to keep people like that happy.  However, we need to take things one at a time and right now we need to close that first deal.

I was in contact with some other investors and it seems to be the same ol shit with them.  You come across one here or there that seems interested and they request more info but eventually they just flake out and say they are no longer interested.  Finding the right type of investor for this program really is finding a needle in a haystack.  I really would like to have another deal in the works that I feel confident about instead of this whale investor because I don’t like having all of my eggs in one basket, so I’ve been working my existing leads vigorously to try and make that happen.

The funny thing is that all of the dumb questions that I get come from the small time investor that probably won’t end up buying in the first place.  The big dogs never ask the same types of questions I get asked by the little fish and yet they are spending millions of dollars.  Go figure.

As I am typing this now, I got an email back saying the conference call will happen later today and I will hear back as far as what time so I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to be presented.

Wish me luck.  Peace.

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