About to start calling these fools

I’m about to start going through my leads again this morning and figured I’d throw up a quick blog post.  The ad we ran generated some more calls which is good, but we are still trying to close that first deal.  I’m optimistic about a few people I’ve been in contact with so I just have to stay upbeat and positive.

My business partner has really been getting negative and I honestly can’t blame him.  The people we are working with are completely incompetent.  They don’t return phone calls, they take a week to follow up with someone, and just seem unorganized as fuck.  The worst part is when we have a whale we are forced to hand it off to them so the biggest deals, which are obviously the most important, are completely out of our control.

My goal has been to just close someone on my own and not involve them at all.  I think I’m going to do that soon and once it happens we’ll have to decide what we do with this whole operation.  I know for a fact we are going to get involved with other things and we’ll probably continue doing this, but how much we continue doing it is going to be the question.

I know once we close a deal my business partner will change his demeanor 100% and right now it’s tough to work with him while he’s so negative.  I just do my best to listen to him vent without letting it get to my head.  What else can I do?  I’m not going to cut him off because he introduced me to this whole thing in the first place.

Today is going to be a productive day, I can feel it and I’m super excited.  I feel like I’m getting closer to that first deal and it’s exciting.  Failure is not an option, this HAS to work!

I might have another update later in the day depending on how things go, we’ll see; but I have a long day ahead of me.

Wish me luck!

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