This post isn’t really going to have a point or go anywhere; I just have shit on my mind I need to get out.

This week hasn’t been the best and it’s raising a lot of questions.  I really was hoping and thinking that things in the New Year would be different and we were really going to hit the ground running. Yet nothing has changed.

My business partner has been sick these last two days but regardless of that he is becoming more and more negative about our current situation and inability to close any real estate deals.  I know it only takes one, because of the referral plan we have in place and also because 1 person with money probably knows other people with money.  So if you can convince 1 to invest, you will probably get a few others – then the snowball effect.

Another thing that’s upsetting me is I’m literally doing all of the work, and although it isn’t much, my business partner hasn’t really been involved.  This is bad for us because when he has nothing to do, he sits and thinks/bitches/complains about everything wrong with our situation instead of staying positive and trying to find ways to fix it.  It’s been pissing me off because I feel like he’s bringing me down, and I’m going to tell him about it during our next sit down which should be sometime tomorrow or the day after(if he’s feeling better).

The original whale that we handed off months ago to our business associate finally seems to be showing his true colors as someone who’s full of shit.  Our business associate who has been the most upbeat and positive about this guy finally admitted earlier in the week that he thinks this guy just likes to talk a big game and isn’t serious.  If that’s the case, we’ve wasted 3 months on this cocksucker.

On a brighter note, an old whale that we spoke with several months ago, we reached out to again and it appears as though he is interested again.  He seems more legit then the guy we’ve been wasting our time with and I feel if we can give him what he wants, he will pull the trigger – but who knows if this will happen and when.

Meanwhile, the two prospects we had that told us to follow up with them after the New Year aren’t really moving.  One said he was not interested and the other we are not sure about.  It’s just hard to get these people to invest 400k, and I honestly didn’t think it would be this difficult.  I’m actually still in denial about it.  The reason being is after I looked into the investment I said to myself, “I would definitely invest in that if I had the money.”  It was literally an immediate decision.  I would have to check out some things, but the decision would be made in a matter of days.

These cocksuckers have been dragging shit on for weeks and months at a time before they say “I’m not interested.”

We are working cold leads, which hasn’t been done before.  Typically this program is marketed towards people whom are financial planners because they already have investors whom trust them and will listen to them.  That is a much easier situation then trying to sell someone on the idea from several phone conversations and having never met.

The last thing that has been bothering me is my fucking cousin still hasn’t updated me on my grandmother’s estate and I really need that money.  I know I can email him, but he said he would contact me when there is something to report, so obviously nothing has happened yet.  At the end of December he said in 2 weeks the accounts should get liquidated and the funds transferred to me.  It’s been two weeks and nothing…

So it’s a new year, and amongst all of this bullshit how do I maintain a positive mindset and attitude?  I need to be upbeat and happy because when I talk to these investors I need to come across as personable.  Before I was more, “Are you interested or not? Don’t waste my time.”  Now I’m trying to talk to them more and build a slight relationship and that’s hard to do if I’m depressed and upset.

I might as well list out some of the things that have been going well with the business as of right now because it will hopefully put me in a better state of mind:

1)      We get some new prospects off of the ad we ran and so far none of them told me they are not interested.  They seem receptive but I still need to follow up with a lot of them.

2)      We are running another ad on Friday so we should get more calls and prospects; it only takes one.

3)      It was my idea to initiate contact with the old whale that was originally not interested and it appears he’s interested again.

4)      While going through all of our old leads, I think I also stirred up some interest with some guys that we wrote off.

I don’t have much to do today because yesterday was very productive for me in terms of calling and following up with our existing leads, but I do have a few calls to make.  Staying positive is so key and I’m going to have keep my mind right regardless of other people around me.  I still believe whole-heartedly that this will work and we will make some good money.  It just isn’t happening as quickly as I anticipated, which is always the case with any business.

Wish me luck because I don’t care how hard of a worker you are, you need to be a little bit lucky to hit the big score.  I’ll keep you all updated.

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