It’s a New Year (2011) – I should probably blog something…

This past weekend was crazy as hell.  A bunch of college buddies flew in and some crashed at my house.  I basically played babysitter the entire weekend and cleaned up after them.  It was great to see them but also a bit stressful at the same time.

So, 2010 sucking fucking balls so I should be glad it’s over.  I am partially, but I know that we still need to close some deals and until that happens I will remained stressed out.  I’m also officially tapped out and flat fucking broke so I really need that estate check to come from my grandmother; without it I’m screwed.

This morning I met with my business partner and we discussed our plans for the week.  We called every single lead we had that hasn’t told us they were not interested and also sent out some emails.  We also followed up with our two prospects, 1 was not available and the other said he’d contact us later this week.  We are also going to be running an ad in the Wall Street Journal again and plan on getting that taken care of as well.

Lastly, the situation with the whale has remained the same.  The last update we received(which was today) basically stated that the whale was contacted twice last week and both times he was unable to talk because of how busy he was during the holidays.  A follow-up was scheduled today and we were told we’d get and update if anything occurred.  Since we didn’t hear anything it’s safe to assume that nothing has progressed.

If this investor ends up not buying he is a real piece of shit, that’s all I have to say.  To lead someone on the way he has for the last 3 months and not move forward is a totally dick move.  Regardless me and my business partner are focused on what we can control; which is our leads and our prospects and we are looking forward to running another ad.  My business partner said it as plainly as he could this morning; “we need to close a fucking deal this month, that’s the bottom line.”

He’s right.

No more excuses because of the holidays and no more procrastination.  We are going to get someone to fucking commit this month and get some fucking paperwork signed.  Enough is enough with this bullshit.

I need to write my goals for January and will do that later this week.  December didn’t go to well if I remember correctly so I’m going to have to take my ambitious goal setting down a notch to make it more realistic and attainable.

2011 has to be the year because I have no money left to continue onward and because I honestly don’t think I can handle another failure.

When there’s something worth writing, I will write it.

I wish you all success and nothing less in 2011.

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