Christmas is in 5 days…

I’ve been somewhat of a Grinch lately and I’m glad I setup my Christmas tree this year because I probably would have been much worse if I didn’t do that.  As I sit here, drinking my cup of coffee I can’t help but over think our current situation with this “whale” we’ve been dealing with the last couple of months.  I told my business partner that it’s to the point where I just want a definite “yes” or “no” so I can move on.  Also, I have not heard any update on my grandmother’s estate and I really need that money so I don’t know what’s going on.

Luckily I got some extra cash here and there from family members for Christmas so I should be ok for another 2 months or so; without that, I would have been barely able to survive the month of December.

If I don’t get that check for my grandmother by then, I’m fucked.  There is no other way to put it.  That check will cover my living expenses for another 6 months and allow me some extra cash to spend on marketing to get more prospects so we can close our first real estate deal.

I’ve been working out like crazy because I literally never leave my apartment and it’s my only break from this hell-hole.  I’m getting in great shape though, so I guess that’s a positive.

Anyways, here’s a more thorough update on what’s really going on.  I haven’t posted too many details because I’ve been pissed off at the current situation.

When we originally made contact with this investor and prequalified him, we handed him off to the next tier/level of employee, which is essentially what we are supposed to do.  The only thing we did wrong was we handed him off way too soon.  It was one of our first prospects and we just didn’t know how to handle it properly.  Normally, we can be that investors only point of contact throughout the entire deal but at the time we didn’t feel confident enough in our abilities to answer all of his questions; that is no longer an issue.

So we handed him off to this guy who for the first couple of weeks didn’t do a fucking thing.  We finally got on his ass and for whatever reason he’s been gung-ho these last couple of weeks about this guy and closing the deal.  My business partner and I were wondering the entire time, “where was this attitude when we first handed him off??”

Anyways, this “whale” said he liked the investment but he wanted some deviations from the standard deal.  Normally we wouldn’t do this but when you are talking to a guy who claims he wants to buy 10 a month over the course of an entire year (100+ properties) we are willing to negotiate.

The investor made some fairly normal demands and we got word back that we could do everything he wanted, so everyone on our end was happy because we figured, “we got a deal.”  Well the last time this investor was talked to was 2 weeks ago and he basically said that he needs to “think” about whether or not this deal is right for him and if he wants to do it.  This happened after we gave him literally everything he wanted, so what else is there to think about?  We tried contacting him last week for an update and every time he was called, he was not able to talk and he asked our people to contact him back on the 27th of the month; after the Christmas holiday.

The second I heard that I immediately thought this guy was a tire kicker and full of shit since day one.  I figured he didn’t have the money and just wanted to come across as some “hot shot” big time investor and when we actually said, “alright we can do everything you want,” his thoughts were “shit, I wasn’t expecting that; I don’t have the money.”

The problem is we never met this guy in person; we have no idea who he really is except for what he tells us.  He could be 100% full of shit for all we know; there is just no way to tell.

Then I began to think about it more and I started thinking, “if this guy really is full of shit, wouldn’t he have pulled the plug on this by now?”  I mean why would you continue to drag something on that you know you can never do.  You are just wasting your own time.  It would be so easy to make up some bullshit excuse as to why the investment isn’t for you.  “Sorry guys, I spoke to the head investors I represent and they are no longer interested in real estate;” case closed.

But this fucker keeps dragging the shit on longer and longer and I’m thinking that maybe he does have the money but something is hindering or preventing him from getting it so he is buying time.  Maybe his funds aren’t liquid and he needs to take care of that before he can invest.  Who the fuck knows?  I just don’t see why someone would drag something on for so long if they weren’t seriously interested.

The good news in all of this is there has never been a definite “not interested” out of him yet.  So until we hear that, we have to move forward as if this deal is still alive.  My business partner is going to be talking to the main guy who has been in communication with this investor, sometime today.  Hopefully he will be able to gain more insight on what the true hold up is and what this investor is really thinking.

We have some pending deals for the New Year and they could both turn out to be great deals for us with large commissions, but this one whale is really the one we’d like to close because he is talking about buying multiple properties over the course of a year or several years.  That one deal could literally make our 2011.

So that’s more detail in regards to what’s going on.  If January comes and we close these two other interested prospects, we probably would give a shit about the whale anymore.  We just need to stay focused on what we can control, which are these prospects we have for the New Year.  The other shit will work itself out on its own.  It’s just annoying and frustrating when you are dealing with months of communication and we still don’t have a definite yes or no from this guy.  Shit or get off the fucking pot, seriously…

All I want for Christmas is this guy to say, “Let’s do it,” to sign a letter of intent, and to get the contract paperwork started for him to sign.  That’s all I fucking want.

I’ll post an update if my business partner finds out anything today, but I’m sure it will be the same bullshit we’ve been dealing with the last several weeks.

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