Internet is down and I’m sitting on hold

I figured I’d write this blog post while I sit on hold with Qwest to get my internet back up.  Last night we finally got some good news.  It turns out that both the “whale and the president of the company we represent verbally agreed to the terms of the deal we’ve been trying to negotiate over the past few weeks.  A few details need to get ironed out and we are going to get another update on Thursday (tomorrow).  I was extremely happy to hear this, but I can’t jump the gun yet.  A lot can still happen and I just have to stay positive.

When we talk to the investor on Thursday, if he’s still good with everything, then lawyers need to get involved to draft up the paperwork (god knows how long that will take) and once the paperwork is complete the investor will want to review it.  Once he reviews and signs it, then we are good to go.  Realistically, sometime in January is when we’ll probably get our first batch of commission from this if all goes according to plan.

2 things we still need to know; has the terms of this deal affected our commission and how many properties is he buying on a monthly basis.  Bare minimum it seems like he is going to be buying at least 10 properties a month for the next year.  If we get our full commission, that amounts to over 700k for us over the course of the next 12 months.  If we don’t get our full commission, then obviously that number can change greatly.  Also, if he decides to buy 20-30 properties a month then we can make a nice buck.

Again, it all depends on what our commission is going to be and how many properties he buys.  No need to count your chicks before they hatch.  I’ve done that too many times in the past and got fucked literally every single time.  I won’t do that this time.

Other than that, we have 2 guys that still seem to be potential buyers, one has blown us off until after the 1st of the New Year, and the other we are still trying to follow up with.  We are running another ad this weekend to try and generate some more leads/prospects and will continue to do so.  We’ve also came up with some other ideas in terms of marketing that we are going to start experimenting with shortly.

Anyways, getting that message last night about the investor really put me and my business partner in a good mood.  It couldn’t have come at a better time either because I could tell my business partner was getting frustrated and I felt that he was to the point that he wanted to pull the plug on this operation.  I wasn’t going to, but I felt he wanted to.

Also got some more good news in regards to my grandmother’s estate and things are moving along, hopefully before Christmas I should have the cash, if not, then hopefully before the new year.

I can’t believe its December 1st already, Christmas is around the corner.  I need to write my new goals for this month…

I’ll keep you all updated.

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