Thanksgiving week

I’ve spent a lot of thanksgivings by myself and I don’t think this year will be any different.  I really don’t mind because to me it’s just another day.  I generally just sit home and watch football and sometimes I’ll make a “mini thanksgiving feast” just for me.  Although this year I’m not even sure if I’ll do that because my diet has been really strict and I’m making great progress in the gym.  1 cheat day won’t ruin it, but if I’m going to be by myself I’ll probably eat the same shit I always eat.

The ad we ran last weekend gave good results.  We only ran it 1 day instead of 2 and it was a relatively small region in the country.  I think we got 5 or 6 calls total which isn’t bad.  Right now we don’t have any potential buyers from the ad but we are still trying to get a hold of some people.

We also had a conference call with the president of the company we are working with.  That was this past Saturday.  We spent a good 45 minutes talking to him about our current marketing/closing issues and we tried to hash out what our problems were.  Basically what it comes down to is both my business partner and myself need to be more patient and we need to continue following up.  He said you generally are looking at 4 weeks of ongoing communication before you get someone to commit to buying a property and that’s where we’re at right now.  We’re always in a rush though, and we want to close deals NOW, so being told that we need to slow it down was a bit difficult to swallow, but we will have to deal with it.

My business partner is going to call every single lead we have today aside from the ones we have appointments scheduled with tomorrow.  Hopefully from there we can spark some interest in some of these people.  They contacted us about the investment opportunity then just kind of fell off the map.  We are also waiting on a status report from the 1 whale we are still working with.  He is being presented with some numbers today and hopefully he gives the “ok” so they can begin drafting up the legal paperwork and get that deal moving.  He is one guy we really need to close, so I’m keeping my figures crossed.  Knock on wood…

I also had a long conversation with my business partner this morning just to see if he was discourage and how he felt about everything and he still feels good about everything, he just wants to see some action and I agree 100%.  Once we close that first deal we’ll really get the momentum started because we will have enough marketing dollars to run weekly ads and to the keep the leads flowing in.

As of right now all I can do is sit and wait to hear updates from my business partner on who he called and what happened, and sit and wait to hear an update on the whale situation.

Posting this now, gym later, and hopefully good news after that…

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