November 1st

Halloween was uneventful; I didn’t even get 1 trick or treater!  My apartment complex kind of sucks when it comes to that because I’ve been here for a few years now and no one ever goes trick or treating here.  I don’t mind giving out candy to the kids because I remember growing up how upset I’d be when we went to a house and they didn’t have candy.

October was kind of a lame month and November needs to be better.  Basically, we realized that our original business was fucked and the month of October proved that.  We started this new thing with real estate investment which looks promising, but still haven’t closed any deals.  We have a couple of potential buyers so we’ll see what happens.  I know I’ll feel much better once we close one of these real estate deals.

The last ad we ran this past weekend did not generate a good response at all in comparison to the first ad we ran.  We only got 3 prospects and we are not even sure if one of them is a legitimate buyer or not.  We will continue to follow up with our existing people and hopefully one of them decides to bite.

So for November things need to pick up.  We have the Thanksgiving holiday which I’m sure is going to slow things down and we really need to close at least 1 deal before the end of the month.  Financially, I’m completely tapped out and can’t do shit until I get that check from my grandmother’s estate.

I still feel good about everything and I’m positive, however I think my business partner is starting to have doubts.  Since this last ad didn’t do so well he had a lot of time to sit around and think about shit and that’s when he just finds the fucking negative in every situation.  If he goes down that road I’m going to snap at him.

We are supposed to have a conference call with the president of the company we are partnered with sometime today which should iron out some of the questions we have and also provide an update on the two potential buyers we’ve found.

I also have to write my goals for November which I’m going to work on right after I post this blog.

November is going to be a big month because it’s going to show us exactly how much money we can make doing this and it’s going to keep us inspired to continue working hard on this thing.  I know once my business partner sees that first check, his eyes are going to light up.  Until then, he will always be skeptical.

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