Weekly Wrap-up/Update

Things are going very well with our new business but I’m trying not to get too excited about it.  Once we actually close a deal I’ll be happy.

As of right now it looks like we have 2 legitimate buyers who are interested and they both seem like people whom have a significant amount to invest, therefore our commissions would be very large.  It would be nice if we each could earn 50k each during our first month doing this but like I said, I’ll get excited once a deal actually closes.

We are waiting for a few conference calls to take place today that will shed a lot of light on how serious these potential buyers are.  The president of the company we are partnered with has been sick with the flu all week and the 2 clients we are trying to close requested to talk to him.  It’s been somewhat frustrating because he hasn’t been available, but hopefully he feels better today and can make those calls.

In the meantime we ran another ad in the Wall Street Journal and it starts today and runs tomorrow in another region in the United States.  Hopefully that will generate more calls for us so we can get more workable leads and keep our pipelines full.  I’m sure the calls will start trickling in later today and throughout the entire weekend similar to what happened with our first ad.  The region we are running the ad in now is smaller though; so we aren’t expecting as good of a response.

This weekend is Halloween and I don’t have any plans or money to really do anything.  I’ll probably just take it easy like any other weekend.

Anyways, I’m really excited with this new business.  It’s close…

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