Well things have been going well – knock on wood

The ad we ran has been somewhat successful.  So far we’ve received 7 leads and it’s running again today so I’m sure we’ll get more calls throughout the day today and possibly tomorrow.

When we spoke to the company whom we are hooked up with to do these deals they said their ad generated 16 calls, however there were other reps that ran ads that completely flopped.  Obviously I’m glad that we weren’t one of those people.  Of the 16 calls that were generated, 3 turned out to be serious buyers and 1 turned out to be a big-time buyer.

So from here we just need at least 1 to bite.  The reason why I’m not getting overly excited yet is because we could generate all the phone calls in the world; if no one buys its worthless.  I think that from this point it’s strictly a numbers game and if we get enough calls in, eventually we’ll get a couple of serious buyers.  Hopefully they turn out to be whales that want to buy multiple properties each. 🙂

Plan for today is to help my business partner follow up and handle these incoming calls.  Later this afternoon I’m going to work out but otherwise I’ll be home for the majority of the day.

If anything crazy goes down, I’ll be sure to post it on my blog.

Enjoy your weekends!

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