October goals are completely fucked…

Well I’m meeting with my business partner tomorrow morning for breakfast, but we’ve pretty much decided to pull the plug on this thing.  It has been going ok but we finally came to the realization that it simply is not worth our time.  Our commission rates per deal range from $70-$200 and it’s just a pain in the ass to close these over the phone.  The deal sells itself, but getting a hold of the decision maker is what’s causing the problems.  Not to mention, I get frustrated when someone decides not to take advantage of the program because I felt like I just wasted my fuckin time for a measly hundred bucks. 

We simply aren’t going to make the big bucks (500k-1mil) in this business; it’s as simple as that.

All of my goals were written at the beginning of the month with the intention of us moving forward with our current business, so I’m going to have to change those.

On a brighter note, we did more research into a real estate investment opportunity and it appears as though it is highly lucrative and we are both very excited about it.  We are going to press forward full throttle with this new thing as early as next week.

We looked into this program earlier but stayed away from it because we weren’t sure how to go about generating leads for sales.  Well now the program has been revamped and generating leads is no longer an issue.  The difference is that with 1 deal your average commission is 5-6k, instead of $100.  So as you can see, it’s something to get psyched about.  If you close 10-20 of those puppies a month; we’re talking some serious bucks.  So that’s what our sit down tomorrow is going to be all about.  I haven’t seen my business partner this excited about something in a long time, so I’m happy about that.  With this previous business he just kind of trucked along but he was not 100% into it; I could tell.  It was fucking frustrating for me to deal with but now I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

So we are going to see how this goes and I’ll keep you all updated and I’m going to rewrite my goals for October in the next couple of days.

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