First Week of October

This week has been boring for both me and my business partner.  Our current way of running our business simply isn’t working and a lot of our employees are not able to produce business and close deals.  We decided to let them continue working as long as they’d like to, but from this point forward we are no longer hiring sales people.

We began the hiring process for our new part time positions.  The new position takes the selling process out of our employee’s hands entirely and allows us to do the closes.  This is much better because it gives us more control over the situation and we feel confident in our ability to close these deals.

Earlier this week both me and my business partner started calling a sample of these leads and the majority of the people I’ve talked to were very receptive and seemed like they were interested.  Even though I haven’t closed any of them yet, I think they will start to flow in shortly.

So now the situation is as follows; we really don’t have anything to do until we get these new part time employees out in the field generating leads for us to close, and we aren’t going to be able to train them until Saturday, October 16th.  This upcoming week is going to be brutal because we won’t have anything to do, so I’m going to try and think of some productive shit we can work on to keep us busy.  The problem with my business partner is when he doesn’t have work to do; he gets bored and starts thinking himself into trouble, so I have to keep him distracted.

I don’t have this same problem, however I do get anxious and I hate sitting around on my ass all fucking day.  We need to start closing these damn deals and making some money.

I also need to make sure that my grandmother’s inheritance comes in soon.  I was able to track down who was handling the estate and I was told that he was planning on getting everything wrapped up around October 15th, so I’m realistically thinking I won’t get anything until the end of the month or early November, which is fine, but I can’t wait until December for this money because I’m pretty much tapped out right now.  To be honest, I’m not overly concerned about it.  I know it will come.

Once we get some consistent lead flow I think we’ll be able to get to 10-20k a month earnings relatively quickly.  From there we’ll have to see how to take this thing to the next level.

Enjoy your weekends!

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