First Post of October

Fall is by far my favorite time of year.  When I lived back east I used to love watching the leaves change colors and being able to wear sweatshirts again.  In AZ it reminds me of why I moved here in the first place.  The weather is absolutely perfect here during the fall and winter.

In terms of work, I still feel great about everything we’ve done and achieved thus far, and my business partner was telling me last week that it’s “so close;” meaning this thing is about to take off.  With our new method more pressure is on us to bring in the business and I know we will do what it takes to succeed.  We are just going to have to get people out in the field consistently generating leads for us to call.  Even if they are paid well, this may be an issue because people are fucking lazy; there is no other way to put it.  It’s also my business partner’s biggest concern because he doesn’t feel we will be able to find people to consistently generate a certain amount of leads for us on a weekly basis.  I’m a little more optimistic because I feel as long as they are getting paid quickly, they will continue to work.  It’s very easy work and side cash and it can add up fast.

So this week is going to say a lot, and I know I’ve said that before but it still is going to be a big week.  What it’s going to tell us, most importantly, is whether or not we can close these deals on the phone.  If we can’t, this whole business idea is fucked.  I think we will do very well, I’m just wondering what a realistic closing ratio is going to be.

I haven’t been updating my blog a lot because I’ve been busy working and there generally isn’t much to report.  I felt like I was getting repetitive at one point in time with my blog posts and I don’t want to do that again.  As things progress, I’ll continue to update everyone and hopefully some big steps in the right direction are going to occur in the near future.

So that’s the issue with work.  With my personal life, everything has been pretty tame.  I work from home so I’m literally in my apartment all day except for when I go to the gym and when I run errands.  I definitely get cabin fever once in awhile and it’s hard to sit tight and not go out and spend money.  I’m looking forward to when I have a steady check again so I can actually go to places for lunch and other meetings and just get out of my apartment for a bit.

Also, I resigned my lease for another year so it looks like I’m stuck in AZ even though I don’t want to be.  One thing that makes the decision easier for me to swallow is the fact that I’m flat broke and I know I can’t move because I can’t afford it.  Things are going well with this new business here in Arizona anyways and I’m not going to fuck it up.  I’m hoping things start to really pick up here during the last quarter of 2010 and going into 2011 so I can visit California frequently and begin possible house shopping.  There are so many great deals on foreclosures and REO’s and I’d hate to miss an opportunity to buy a great house at a great price.  I need to make money first though and I can travel back and forth to my place in California if need be.

Happy Oktoberfest everyone!

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