Monthly Wrap

Well we’ve done a lot this month and I’ve hit my goals which are good.  The only problem is that we realized the way we are doing things now is slightly flawed and we are going to have to change how we go about conducting business from this point forward.

I was able to come up with a great idea last night that would give us the ability to make more money doing what we are doing without having the hassle of dealing with 10 sales reps out in the field.  Also, it would keep both me and my business partner busy during the day and would essentially be a more efficient way of running things.

One of my business partner’s biggest issues was relying on other people for his success or failure, and with this new method, that won’t be a concern anymore.

To summarize, our sales people are performing the first step of the process just fine, but they are not closing their deals during the second step.  So instead of giving future employees the ability to earn commission, we are going to market the current job as a part time position to make some side cash.  We’ll basically pay our employees a certain amount every week if they generate “X” amount of leads, and from there, me and my business partner will close.

1)      We will make more commission this way because we are not splitting it with a sales rep

2)      We are not reliant on our sales rep to close the deal

3)      It would keep us busy during the day

4)      It will be easier to monitor and maintain payroll, and I highly doubt finding people to do this part-time is going to be an issue

As of right now, we’ve closed 2 deals, out of almost 90 prospects which is horrendous.  My business partner and I know we can close these deals left and right because the numbers look good.  Unfortunately our sales people are weak and not being aggressive enough; we won’t have that problem.

We have a meeting with the CEO of our partner company tomorrow morning, and next week we are going to start a test to see if we can close these deals.  If we are able to close them easily, then from there we are going to hire part-time people with the purpose of lead generation, not full time sales employees that cannot close.

I wish we knew this was going to happen since day 1, but it’s one of those things that we would have never thought about without seeing our current attempt produce lackluster results.  When I saw that things were not closing the way we needed them to, it forced me to think creatively about the situation and find ways we could fix it.

I’ll keep you all updated, and I’ll post my new goals for October in the next couple of days.

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