This week will show a lot

Like I’ve said before, things have been going great, but this week is really going to show us the true nature of this business.  I’m curious to see if the sales people remain productive this week, and to see if the initial surge from the last few days was just “new job excitement.”  The bottom line is that our sales people have to continue doing this consistently for us to make any money.

Also, this week a lot of our sales people are going to be getting back their proposals they submitted last week, so we are going to see how good they are at closing.  At the end of the day, this is the most important thing.  You obviously need to close your deals or no one is going to make money.

Today my business partner is researching a similar program being offered in southern California because we are trying to learn as much about it as possible.  We still aren’t sure if we plan to open another location there.  It depends on the specifics of the program and whether we think it’s worth it.

The thing I like is that there is definitely some longevity here and half of the phoenix valley isn’t even available for us to do business yet.  We won’t be able to tackle that portion of business until spring of 2011.  At that point in time, the flood gates are really going to open up.

Anyways, I know that there is power and stability in numbers and it’s better to have multiple teams of multiple employees so you aren’t so reliant on the production of your people.  If one sales rep has a shitty week and doesn’t submit any deals, it won’t sink your ship.

It’s strange how I’m not even remotely concerned about whether or not this is going to work because I simply know, “it’s going to work.”  The only concern I really have at this point is how long it is going to take to get us a decent amount of cash flow, and whether or not our earnings will be capped at a certain amount; whether it be 200k, 150k or whatever.

I told my business partner that I’m not owning or starting a business so that I can earn 200k a year, to me that’s bullshit.  I’m starting a business to make seven figures.  It really is going to come down to expansion and having other locations.  I really don’t think there is another way we can get our earnings up.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Who knows, this thing might explode and totally blow away our expectations.

Have a good week people.

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