Status Update

Last night I was exhausted so I didn’t write anything about the sales training we held during the day but wanted to give more details today about everything that went down.

The actual training was fantastic.  We invited and got confirmation from 6 people that they would be showing, and only 1 blew us off.  I was somewhat surprised that person didn’t show because they did confirm with me that they would be at the training, but oh well.

The training itself took about 4 hours and as of right now we have 6 reps out in the field selling.  The main issue we’ve come across thus far is finding people that will do this type of job day in and day out.  Its business to business sales and you have to walk into businesses all day.  It’s the only sales job on the planet that the close is the easiest part of the job.  The hardest is getting up and driving to a certain amount of businesses everyday and beginning the sales process.  From this last batch of trainee’s we think a couple are going to be really good, and couple will probably be worthless.  That tends to be norm when it comes to hiring sales employees.  Generally for every 1 or 2 good sales reps you find, you need to hire 5-7.

So as of right now, it’s their first day out in the field, but I know that some probably won’t get started until Friday or next week on Monday, which is fine.  By the end of next week we are going to know exactly who is actually working and who is just fucking off doing nothing.  From there we can decide if we need to hold another training seminar or what needs to be done.

I spoke to my business partner a few times already today and this morning he was kind of down.  He said he has never been good on relying on other people when it comes to business.  Everything he’s done in the past was all on him, and he liked that because he knew that he would do what needed to be done to make money.  With this current business venture, we have employees that we are relying on to make sales, and if they don’t work we’re fucked.  He likes to be in control of the situation and I told him it’s something he’s going to have to get used to.  If you want to make the big bucks, eventually you are going to have to build a company that has employees, management, etc.

Then I spoke to him later this afternoon and he felt much better.  He said that his mind just tends to wander if he doesn’t have anything to do, and as of right now, he’s bored.  Obviously things are going to pick up eventually but we are just getting going so he has a lot of free time on his hands.

Here’s the thing that blows my mind.  This is an amazing business opportunity for any of our sales people and they can easily earn 100k+ a year income if they just work at it.  The unemployment rate is almost 10% and the biggest issue we are having is finding employees that are willing to WORK.  You would think that people would be motivated as hell to make some money, especially if they’ve been out of a job for god knows how long but once they find out they are going to have to put fourth some effort and actually get off their ass, they lose interest.  I just don’t fucking get it.

It’s not like the job market is fantastic right now and people can be picky about their employment!  Not only that, but this is a job with opportunity for advancement and a large earnings potential!

Ah well, people are lazy.  What else can I say?

I’ll keep you all updated.

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