Tomorrow is a big day

At 10am tomorrow morning we are going to train our other 6 sales reps, and from there it really is a matter of getting them out in the field and actually doing what they are supposed to fucking do.  There was some concern over whether or not the market was oversaturated and both I and my business partner were starting to have some doubts.

This morning we had to pick up some marketing materials from our business partner and we sat and discussed some things with him for a few minutes and he reiterated that the market is relatively untouched, which made me feel a lot better about our situation.  It basically confirmed that it’s our employee out in the field that is the real issue, not the actual market itself.

With that being said, we aren’t going to know 100% until a week or so from tomorrow but our confidence is restored.

Today was pretty relaxing for me.  After my meeting this morning I came back home and prepared all of the training materials for my sales reps which took a couple of hours.  After that I pretty much did nothing all day.  Both today and tomorrow are off days from the gym, so I’m enjoying some chill time.  I’ve been working out consistently 5 days a week now and my diet is getting better so I’m very happy with my progress thus far.  I’m even starting to see some noticeable changes in my build; I’m getting leaner while maintaining my strength and size so I’m psyched!

One of my old roommates from college posted this picture on his face book and I had to throw it up on my blog because the shit is totally obnoxious, but I fucking love it.

Fortunes are made during recessions and if people would stop listening to all the bullshit the news is shoving down their throats, they might actually work their asses off and seize the opportunity that’s out there.  Why give up hope just because the news tells you the economy is shit?  I saw a dude who couldn’t have been older than 35 driving around in an orange Lamborghini Murcielago today.

People are making fucking money, trust me; you just have to find a way to tap into it.


    • The Destructionist
    • September 14th, 2010

    Yes, it’s true: people are making money. Those unscrupulous individuals, willing to capitalize on the demise of economies and countries, will do well in this crisis. (My advice to everyone else? Learn to fend for yourself. convert your money into gold, because tomorrow will be a helluva day…)

    Warren Buffet Declares, “U.S. Safe from Recession”

    “I am a huge bull on this country,” exclaimed Mr. Buffet, Chairman of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway. “We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all…” (ROFL!)

    What planet is he living on? (Certainly not ours.) Doesn’t he see what’s going on in America? With a staggering unemployment rate continually on the rise due to the relocation of American jobs overseas by corporations – determined to squeeze every last drop of profit out of the almighty dollar – there can be little doubt about the financial condition of our country. Yet, Mr. Buffet has decided, by way of his self-appointed importance, along with his umpteenth years of financial experience in cajoling investors to participate in the most insidious shell game of all – Wall Street – that he somehow has the authority to declare an end to America’s financial woes with a simple proclamation.

    (What a joke.)

    Mr. Buffet is under the delusion that since he’s been successful at making billions of dollars in the past that he somehow has the “inside-track” on the economy based on historical economic data.

    (He is so wrong.)

    After the Great Depression, one could rely on businesses, like the small Mom & Pop’s, to pick us up out of the gutter, dust us all off, and return us back to the economic state from whence we came. Unfortunately, the old ways of doing things are long gone. Today, when one of our jobs has been shipped to another country, it’s gone…and for good. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to “restart” America like they did back in the good old days. Today, with regards to our financial crisis, we’re pretty much on our own.

    In short, people, like Warren Buffet, will say anything in an attempt to instill confidence in the markets and to get people to invest. But if there aren’t enough jobs in America to create a solid economic foundation, the structure upon which our country rests will remain in jeopardy.

    • you make some valid points, however simply because someone is wealthy, or is making money in a down economy does not mean that are taking advantage of anyone or anything. some are yes, but there are plenty of legitimate businesses that were able to find a genuine need for a product or service despite our current economic conditions.

      if you have money, it does not mean you stole from people, ripped people off, and are a complete scumbag. The negative stigma associated with wealth is completely false in my opinion.

      thanks for your comment!

    • The Destructionist
    • September 16th, 2010


    Did you even read my post? It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not wealthy people are taking advantage of the down economy, but instead, it is about someone being so pompous and full of themself as to think they can end the recession simply by ignoring its reality…(e.g., “We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all…”)

    • yes i did. i was referring to when you wrote,

      Those unscrupulous individuals, willing to capitalize on the demise of economies and countries, will do well in this crisis.

    • The Destructionist
    • September 16th, 2010

    That’s why I stated, “those unscrupulous individuals.” If certain investors are hoping to strike it rich betting on a country’s economic downfall, then yes, they are the people I am raging about.

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